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Talking Point: Filmic Looks

Look like film for the cost of video...

For a long, long time video was considered the poor cousin of film - be it 8mm, 16mm or 35mm, the look of film was achievable only with the real thing.

Luckily for those without real film budgets, technology has advanced sufficiently to enable us to produce truly filmic quality footage for a fraction of the price. A combination of both camera and lens technology as well as plug-in developments has really brought digital video into the cinema with great results.

Cameras are now able to shoot in true variable frame rates - just like a real film camera. This allows for superb 'cranked' effects previously only possible with a very expensive film camera or very expensive plug-ins. In fact using variable framerate technology we can decide later on just whether we want to under or over crank a sequence leaving the creative possibilities open to the editor and thus preventing the need for expensive re-shoots.

Progressive recording methods allow digital footage to be recorded in a similar way to that of film cameras and afford real flexibility in editing - frames are complete and individual just like real film so a cut between frames is exactly that.

Lens technology has also advanced and we are now seeing real 35mm film lens adaptor kits becoming available for digital video cameras giving the depth of field and increased detail associated with film.

Purists will say they can tell the difference between real super 16mm film and XDCAM EX but at around a third of the cost and with the added benefits of a non-linear camera and a non-linear workflow is it really an issue that perhaps less than one percent of your target audience may be aware the project was digital in origin?

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