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Our verdict on FREE Avid to Resolve marker converter

We know the pain of having carefully set up your timeline markers on a project in Avid Media Composer, only to need to convert to DaVinci Resolve and lose them all. Thankfully, we found this handy (and free!) marker converter tool. We tested it out to see if it was too good to be true…


This tool, available on HDhead, converts Media Composer Markers to Resolve timeline markers, as well as generating a web based document for colourist and client review, with details of all your markers and timecodes. We got our technical specialist, Phill, on the job to test just how good the tool is. His verdict? It’s might not be completely seamless, but it does work.

There are some known issues and workarounds listed on the tool page, but the main one Phill found was that markers will import with a single colour, rather than its original Media Composer colours. However, the original colour is added as a note within the marker – for example:


How it works

-       In Media Composer, click on the fast menu in the markers window.

-       Save the markers in txt format.

-       Upload the file to the tool and download the converted EDL file.

-       In Resolve, right-click a timeline, select Timelines/Import/Timeline Markers from EDL.

-       Load the converted marker EDL file.

Your Media Composer markers should now show up in your converted Resolve timeline.


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