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Need more Macs? Save 20% when your school leases from Jigsaw24

Leasing hardware is a fantastic option for schools on a budget: you have fixed monthly costs rather than one big payment, you can upgrade your devices so students are using the latest tech, and you don’t need to spend your whole IT budget on a single hardware payment. Plus, for a limited time only, you can save up to 20% when you lease from Jigsaw24.

Liz Sunter

Our education team have teamed up with Apple to offer two fantastic discounts for UK schools. For a limited time, you can save 20% off the cash price of a MacBook Air when you lease it over 36 months, or 10% off a MacBook Pro when you lease over 48 months. That means your school could be paying as little as £18.51 a month per device – that’s £555.30 a month for a class set of 30.


Why lease your MacBooks? Well…

Save your IT budget Buying devices outright can take a big chunk out of your IT budget – especially if you’re kitting out entire media labs or looking to provide 1:1 devices. Leasing is an affordable way to ensure the cost of big rollouts is spread evenly over a pupil’s time at your school, and will even save you money over buying a MacBook outright.

Predictable costs for computers, accessories, support and more… We’ll agree monthly payments before your lease begins and won’t change them during your lease period – so you’re only ever paying a predictable, fixed sum. And this doesn’t just apply to the computers themselves. You can include accessories like cases, device management software, technical support and even teacher training as part of your lease agreement, so all of those go from being big single outlays to simply being part of your monthly payment.

Access to the latest technology For most schools, the high cost of buying new devices outright means that hardware sticks around until it’s well past its best. This means teachers and students take longer to do each task, lose valuable lesson time as ageing devices become less reliable, and – crucially – pupils aren’t learning the latest digital skills. With a leasing agreement, you can simply swap out your notebooks, tablets and other hardware out for the latest model at the end of your initial lease, so you’re never behind the times.

A uniform IT estate If your staff and students are all working on devices of different ages, perhaps with different applications installed and on different operating systems, it’s difficult to ensure every device is secure, has the permissions it needs and will play nicely with the rest of your IT infrastructure. Moving to a leasing agreement and getting everyone the latest devices is an easy way to make your estate more uniform and easier for your IT team to manage.

Expand quickly If you’re rolling out devices across year groups, adding another cohort to a year group or moving from media labs to a 1:1 scheme, you need a way to deploy devices quickly and seamlessly. We’ll help you find, configure and roll out devices, and can even provide on the ground tech support to help staff and students get started.

Devices for the whole family Giving a pupil a device they can take home is a great way to give the entire family the chance to use the latest technology. With a leasing scheme, you can help families afford devices by asking them to contribute to the cost of the lease (approximately £4.50 a week in the above example), or by paying off the residual value of the device at the end of the lease so they own the device outright.


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