Moving from Avid ISIS | 1000 to NEXIS | PRO? Here's what we know...

As you’ve probably heard, Avid have announced that they’re launching the NEXIS family of shared storage products and phasing out the ISIS range. The smaller ISIS | 1000 has be rebranded and given a software update to become the NEXIS | PRO!

For those of you who were about to buy an ISIS | 1000, have just bought an ISIS | 1000 or have based your entire storage setup around the ISIS | 1000, this might have been slightly unwelcome news, but actually the move to NEXIS seems pretty simple. Here's what you need to know.

Are ISIS | 1000 and NEXIS | PRO hardware that different? 

No. Actually they're identical. The difference is that existing ISISes (ISIii?) run v5 ISIS control software, whereas NEXIS | PRO systems will ship with v6 NEXIS software. If you have an Avid Support subscription, you'll get v6 NEXIS software as a free update via your Avid Master Account as soon as it's released, effectively turning your ISIS | 1000 into a NEXIS | PRO.

But it'll still say ISIS on. 

If this really bothers you, you can order a new bezel from Avid, so that your storage has the right name on.

I've got an ISIS | 1000 unit in the post. Will I actually receive a NEXIS? 

No. Avid are clearing their stock of ISIS | 1000, so if you have just placed an order then you'll receive an ISIS unit and a NEXIS sticker to put on the bezel should you wish to do so. The ISIS | 1000 will run v5 ISIS software out of the box, and you can update it to NEXIS software via your Avid Master Account as soon as the update is released.

Can I connect NEXIS and ISIS | 1000 units? 

According to the Avid FAQ, "You can simultaneously connect clients to both Avid ISIS and Avid NEXIS systems in your workflow using the Avid NEXIS 6.0 client software. However, ISIS storage engines cannot be physically mixed with Avid NEXIS storage engines in the same system to form one pool of storage." NEXIS units can be added to your current ISIS VLAN.

Can I use NEXIS | PRO and NEXIS Enterprise systems together? 

Similar to the above. PRO and Enterprise systems can't be combined to create a single pool of storage.

But I can combine multiple PRO systems? 

You can combine up to four PRO systems to create an 80TB pool of storage, but this pool can't be combined with any of the larger NEXIS Enterprise systems.

Do other applications already work with NEXIS? 

MediaCentral Platform applications do (that includes Media Composer, Pro Tools and Interplay), plus third party solutions including Premiere Pro, FCP X and EDIUS. NEXIS will work with Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

What protection do I get against drive failures? 

Again, we're going to hand over to Avid to field this one:

"With the release of Avid NEXIS 6.0 there are three Workspace Protection types offered:

Two Drive Protection - 2 parity blocks are written for each stripe of data - RAID 6 Fashion. This allows for two media drives to fail within a Media Pack (10 drives) before media is not recoverable.

One Drive Protection - 1 parity block is written for each stripe of data - RAID 5 Fashion. This allows for 1 media drive to fail within a Media Pack (10 drives) before media is not recoverable.

Unprotected – No parity blocks are written – RAID 0 Fashion. Any drive failure will cause data loss

IMPORTANT: A failed media drive should be replaced without shutting down the system.

Avid NEXIS is “Media Aware” - Only the actual media on the drives will be rebuild, reducing rebuild times."

What should I do if I still have questions? 

Get in touch with our Avid-accredited engineers, who can help you plan your move to NEXIS, or help you configure any new units you have one the way.

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