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Making a music video with DAOR

Metalheads DAOR wanted a professional video for their debut release, and the director they approached was also in the market for some new kit. Luckily, bassist Andy is an account manager at Jigsaw...

DAOR's riff-laden, frenetic (N.B. quite "sweary") metal has earned them support slots for the likes of Napalm Death and Raging Speedhorn. They wanted a music video for 'The Truth, The Way, The Gun' - from their 2010 EP release 'From the Bleeding River' - that reflected their style but also had a polished feel.

They contacted Phil Berridge at Creative Junkie Media whose professional directing, shooting and editing have launched his videos onto the Scuzz music channel. With an idea in mind for how to achieve what he and the band wanted from the video, Phil decided he should invest in some new equipment. He then found out that, as well as laying down destructive bass for DAOR, Andy Crawford is an account manager at Jigsaw by day, specialising in audio and broadcast equipment sales.

Phil was already using a Panasonic AG-HMC151 AVCHD camcorder for shooting his music videos, but needed some extra equipment to meet the style of the film. For the tracking shots, he bought a Hague D5T tripod tracking dolly kit from Jigsaw. This affordable system is lightweight and small in form, so it would be ideal for shooting on location and in tighter spots. The director also needed a range of lamps that would keep the band looking good without saturating them, and consulted with Andy to get the perfect kit for the video.

Phil said: "Jigsaw has given me a great customer experience with brilliant advice, great pricing and negotiation on large purchases as well as doing me a fantastic deal on a set of professional Kinoflo lighting, which I was in desperate need of for one shoot. I have to thank them for their sound advice on how I should delegate the small amount of cash that I had to get a wide range of gear which was still capable of providing professional results."

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To find out about the equipment used in filming the video, contact the broadcast team on 03332 409 306 or email Keep up with the latest broadcast news and offers by following @JigsawVideo on Twitter or heading to our Jigsaw Video Facebook page.