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Is your school under threat from tech obsolescence?


Ana Perez

Over time, devices and software become outdated, until eventually they’re incompatible with newer technology and can no longer be repaired when they break down. This is called “technological obsolescence”, and as technology becomes more integral to teaching and learning, its impact on schools is increasing. So how do you ensure your devices stay usable for as long as possible, and what are the consequences if you don’t? Let’s take a look...


Your students won’t be ready for work

There’s no point in having an IT curriculum that relies on outdated tech. Businesses today are investing more in technology than ever, and 84% of the top companies worldwide are now using Apple devices. A single classroom set of outdated PCs is not going to prepare your students adequately for the real world once they leave school – you need to use industry-standard equipment.

Students themselves know the latest tech when they see it. In a survey of Gen Z students conducted by Jamf, 71% said they preferred to use Apple technology. Students will feel frustrated if they have to use outdated devices and this will translate to less interest in class – schools that switch to Apple report higher levels of student engagement overall.

Lost lesson time and higher support costs

As you can expect, outdated tech breaks down more often and functions slower overall. In a school setting, this cuts into precious class time and could mean changing your lesson plan at the last minute, or even losing work altogether.

Outdated devices are also more difficult (and sometimes impossible) to fix when they break down, because companies stop providing technical support and software updates to devices after a certain number of years, and manufacturers eventually stop producing the parts necessary for repairs.


But isn’t updating devices expensive?

Not necessarily. Budgets are obviously always tight, and keeping tech updated can seem like an unnecessary expense, so it’s often neglected. However, keeping your estate updated can result in cost savings in the long term, and there are many strategies you can use to make it more affordable.

Investing in high-quality devices that are built to work together will save you money overall. In fact, in a 2021 study businesses reported saving over £650 for every Mac they installed. The situation is slightly different in schools, but the same trend appears once you examine it closely: deploying Apple technology can help you save money on support, software licensing, printing and even buying textbooks – all while helping you enhance the learning experience and grow student engagement.

And once you’re ready to move on, the high residual value of Apple devices means that you can eventually sell your old devices to help pay for new ones, and your investment remains protected.

How Jigsaw24 can help

While it is impossible to completely stop obsolescence from happening, there are changes you can make to ensure you delay it as much as possible. If you’re thinking of rolling out Apple devices, get in touch – we are Apple experts, and our education team is comprised of ex-teachers and educators, so you know our advice has been tried and tested in the classroom.

We also have a proven track record of being able to help schools find affordable ways to finance Apple devices. We can facilitate a number of options such as trading in old devices, setting up parental contribution schemes and leasing, and we’ll work with you to identify cost-saving methods that will work for you.


Contact our team to discuss your situation and find out how we can make Apple more affordable for your school.

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