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Are your Avid licences changing?

Avid’s recent licencing reshuffle has raised some questions among users, with creative teams worried about the future of their perpetual licences. We asked our product team to break down what the changes mean, how they might impact your licences and support contracts, and where you can find the best pricing on perpetual licences (spoiler: it’s with us).


Liz Sunter

What have Avid announced?

Avid have recently announced that they are increasing the price of perpetual licences of their products, and that they are removing support reinstatements for lapsed maintenance contracts for Pro Tools, Sibelius and Media Composer as of 31st December.


How does this affect my licences?

If you already own perpetual licences and they have an up to date support and renewal plan, this won’t affect you at all. However, if your support and renewal plan has lapsed, you only have until 31st December to get it reinstated – ie brought up to the latest version and given access to new features, updates and upgrades.

From 1stJanuary, you will not be able to reinstate support for lapsed licences and will have to buy a new licence at the new price if you want to use the latest versions of Avid applications.

Buy your Media Composer reinstatement here. 

Buy your Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual licence reinstatement here.

Buy your Pro Tools perpetual licence reinstatement here.


What if I want to buy a reinstatement in the new year?

You won’t be able to buy one directly from Avid, but we have a number of reinstatements for Pro Tools and Sibelius in stock, and will continue to sell them at their current price for as long as we have them. However, when they’re gone, they’re gone. This really is your last chance to get all your software up to date without purchasing a new licence or moving to the subscription model.


Is there any way to get new perpetual licences at the old price?

Yes. We’re currently offering £350 off Media Composer perpetual licences, bringing them down to £949 ex VAT (the standard price is now £1299 ex VAT).

Save £350 on perpetual licences of Media Composer.

Remember to keep your perpetual licences up to date by enrolling them in an annual support and renewal contract.


For more information on managing your Avid licences, fill in the form below, or get in touch with the team on 03332 409 210 or at For the latest news, follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

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