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Is Apple tech the right solution for your business?

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macOS can assist any business in improving sleekness and productivity. Apple products bring you brilliance and precision even on a fully remote ecosystem, offering the level of quality your staff demand for a more effective workflow. Introducing Apple may raise a few eyebrows, but many Gen Zers are more familiar with macOS, and offering familiar tech to new starters allows them to adjust to their role more quickly and easily.

But I’m not used to Apple tech!

Apple products unlock a whole new world of opportunities for the businesses willing to explore them. We have been working with Apple for over 30 years and have devised a whole stack of support services and features to help your company.

Whether new starters or existing staff, our macOS Training programme shows new users how to find their way around macOS and how to use its functionalities to the fullest. Our support desk is on hand to guide users through any issues they encounter and to help IT admins with the challenges they’re unable to resolve. We also provide full training for your in-house IT team to help them better support your ecosystem.

We’re an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller and Apple Authorised Service Provider, so we can offer great expertise when it comes to resolving incidents and advising IT professionals. We also have experience consulting, reviewing and designing an estate that fits your business model.


Can I have a trial run?

Mac Adoption is a Jigsaw24 service that allows you to try out Mac in your business. This option allows you to experience the power and precision of Mac without the initial outlay, making it far easier to obtain appropriate authorisation from budget holders. When you lease the devices for a specific time, you can analyse the impact they have on your systems and productivity so you can do a fair comparison and make an informed purchasing decision.

Mac Adoption allows you to loan up to 25 devices for up to six months so you can see the power of macOS for yourself, but if you’re a small business and want even less devices, we’ve got you. Device on Demand has no minimum order threshold, is billed monthly and comes bundled with device support, so you can get help with your new tech as well as the devices themselves in a complete package.


What if I’m unsure about integration?

Our Apple Readiness Review is designed to evaluate your current infrastructure, assess the viability of introducing macOS and identify any incompatibilities which may need to be addressed before a complete rollout. Our team of experts can design a hybrid ecosystem that works for your business, your requirements and your staff. That’ll really help get your team behind the change and unlock the productivity and effectiveness that Mac has to offer.


And if I’m ready to embrace Apple tech?

So, you’ve done your research and you know how Mac will integrate into your estate, but what’s your plan for bringing in new staff and staging new devices going forward? Our Mobile Device Management services offer pre-staging, configuring and deploying devices and licencing to enable zero touch deployment and mobile device maintenance for a hybrid office ecosystem.


“We have always prided ourselves in helping businesses succeed by offering them the best tech available. Our consultations and training are designed to support our clients as they identify opportunities for improvement and growth through technology.”  

Luke Bexon, Head of Product Management at Jigsaw24.

Embracing new technology may seem like a risk, but you’re in safe hands. We’ll work with you to design your ideal estate, provide training to your end users and offer support through the process. Call 03332 400888, email or fill in the form below and a member of our expert team will get in touch.


Is Apple tech the right solution for your business?

Pop your details in the form and our expert team will get in touch with product recommendations and more. Alternatively, call 03332 400 888 or email

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