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Introducing Dignio

The right technology can make a huge difference. And when it comes to healthcare, there’s so much potential to help patients feel more comfortable and make life easier for clinicians. The Dignio platform for Apple devices does exactly that…

As well as being intuitive, easy to use and secure by design, Apple devices are also compatible with all sorts of great software and apps. No surprise, then, that iPad in particular, is being used in healthcare settings all over the UK to provide a better experience to both patients and staff.

One such tool available on iPad (and iPhone) is Dignio, a platform that connects patients and clinicians in a brilliantly effective solution. Used by a number of NHS trusts, as well as a range of hospitals, health bodies and councils in Dignio’s native Norway, the platform can be used for a variety of purposes – all of which offer huge benefits to organisations and members of the public alike.

Virtual wards and clinics

Dignio’s Connected Care platform offers healthcare providers the ability to build their own virtual wards and clinics – a solution that is perfectly suited to the current COVID-19 climate.

Using the MyDignio app on iPhone or iPad and an oximeter, patients can record their symptoms and measure their vital observations from their own home or residential care home location.

The app, which is aligned with NHS guidelines, instantly informs both the patient and the clinical monitoring team of their current status for prompt, accurate triaging.

Reminders, notifications, secure messaging and video consultations are all available too, with healthcare providers able to manage large patient populations more effectively and export data and reports as needed.

Indeed, NHS Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group has used Dignio’s virtual ward functionality to monitor patients with coronavirus remotely, without the risk of infection to healthcare professionals.

While MyDignio is the patient-facing app, Dignio Prevent is the software for healthcare professionals that supports home-based care and treatment. This innovative tool allows for follow-ups with patients and provides systems for device management, logistics, reporting and integration with other systems through standardised APIs.

Real results

Dignio’s Connected Care platform has been adapted for use in hospitals and home care environments across the public and private sectors. The overall results achieved to date are impressive, demonstrating the potential difference iPad can make in healthcare environments by tapping into the power of industry-leading apps and software solutions.

From the patients’ perspective, the Dignio platform has meant 34% fewer visits from nursing services and 39% fewer days in bed in hospital, while 66% feel they have better control of their own health.

Patients are empowered to be more active in the management of their condition; they can always access their treatment plan, for instance, and they are treated like active participants rather than passive bystanders to their own care.

For healthcare providers, the potential is undeniable. Monthly patient costs are reduced by 47% with Dignio Connected Care, with 42% fewer doctor’s appointments and 32% fewer hospitalisations.

Telemedicine features like secure video and chat communication avoid the need for expensive, dangerous, or stressful travel to meet patients, while remote monitoring and medication compliance ensures there’s an eye on the right people whenever it’s needed.

Empowering patients and staff to stay connected digitally clearly pays off for everyone involved.

With Digno’s solutions and the brilliantly easy to use iPad, healthcare providers need look no further.

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