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How iPad’s latest features and apps have made it the ultimate creative toolkit

Thanks to constant development by Apple, iPad is now a viable tool for lots of creative work. Even more so now that many designers and illustrators are mobile working and working remotely.

Shariff Ibrahim

We mentioned how some artists like David Hockney have been using iPad to create stunning artwork, graphics, advertising and more, and the feature set is constantly improving. Here are a few of our favourite apps, as used by our design team, to help boost creativity and productivity too.

The latest iPad models are packed with new features and support for more professional apps, which make them even more useful in the creative realm than previous generation models. That includes support for Adobe Creative Cloud’s full suite of mobile apps (every creative’s must-have toolkit), Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2 for more natural drawing, and a better 12MP camera for capturing ideas while on the go.

That means you can edit photos, sketch illustrations and even create some great-looking page layouts. And because iPad syncs seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem, you can then finesse your concepts in Adobe apps on your Mac when you’re at your desk.

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you’re working in a professional design environment, chances are you’re going to be using Adobe Creative Cloud. iPad models right back to iPad 2 (they just need to be running iOS 13.1 or above) support a wide range of Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps like Illustrator, Photoshop and Comp, so you can get creative on the move and take inspiration from wherever you find it (free for any Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers).

And for videographers or anyone creating video for web and social media, Premiere Rush lets you quickly edit video wherever you are. And with Adobe CreativeSync, all your apps and assets are connected across your desktop and mobile devices, so you can do great work anywhere. And because Adobe's cloud-based infrastructure allows you to pick up work from anywhere, it means you can finesse your concepts on the desktop versions of their apps when you're back at the office or on a notebook.


We all love our Wacoms, but they’re not always practical to use on the move. With Astropad, you can turn your iPad into a professional graphics tablet, letting you draw, illustrate and edit more naturally with your notebook. It means you can work faster and more efficiently, with the freedom to work in the studio, at home, or on the go.

Astropad can mirror any Mac app for improved productivity, works over WiFi or USB connection so you can adapt to any workspace. It also works with keyboards for easy input and navigation.

Parallels Access

When working remotely, there’s nothing more important than being able to access your computer from your mobile device. The Parallels Access app gives you reliable remote access to your computer from anywhere, letting you access all your applications, files and computers in one place. It might not be the most exciting tool from a creative point of view, but there is no denying that it's tools such as Access that have not just made iPad a strong contender in the business space but also extended its capabilities.


There’s not much more satisfying than seeing a stylish new font in marketing and advertising. The iFontmaker app lets you create your own handmade typefaces in – they claim – less than five minutes. Your beautiful new fonts are then ready to install on iPad, iPhone and Mac to be used in any app. It’s perfect for when one of those font ideas springs to mind while on the go, especially if you’re using Apple Pencil with your iPad. 

The great thing about this is that you really don’t need to be a typography aficionado to use it as it’s a very intuitive interface that's easy for just about anyone to pick up.

Stop Motion Studio

For budding animators out there, Stop Motion Studio is the ultimate all-in-one app for creating great looking stop motion animation on iPad. You can use iPad’s brilliant built-in camera, or it has support for DSLRs from a wide range of manufacturers. You can control shutter speed, ISO and aperture directly from the app and take advantage of the full-size camera quality. Then use the frame by frame view to edit your frames together with the power of desktop editing. Aardman, eat your heart out.

8mm Vintage Camera

Loved Searching for Sugar Man? The 8mm Vintage Camera app was used on that film to give it that standout vintage sheen. While not the most top-end of tools, it’s incredibly easy to use and creates stunning vintage-looking video.

If you’re wondering where this could fit in your professional work, it’s perfect for creating videos for social media and any quick videos being put out through your marketing channels that don’t need production quality grading. Give it a go and go retro!

Top tips: Using Apple Pencil with iPad

Since being introduced in 2015, and as software has evolved, so has Apple Pencil, making it an excellent solution for drawing and painting in apps. Now with Apple Pencil 2 (the second generation, only supported on newer iPad Pro), it has incredible pressure sensitivity for very refined detail.

Super-responsive, with sensors determining pressure and tilt, it gives you the most natural on-screen drawing experience possible. It’s also been given a design overhaul, with a more ergonomic feel, double tap functionality for changing functions, wireless charging and more. Use it just as you would a real pencil, turning your iPad Pro into the ultimate, most powerful digital sketchbook. Here are a few things to know about using Apple Pencil:

-      You can work in a huge number of apps like Adobe Creative Cloud’s Photoshop Sketch and Comp, Paper, Evernote, Notability and more.

-      See Apple Pencil’s current battery life by swiping up on the Today widget on your iPad.

-      You can charge it either directly in your iPad’s Lightning port, or using the included USB adaptor (the same way you pair it).

-      Depending what app and brushes or tools you are using, you can apply pressure and tilt for different shading effects.

-      Scan and sign documents in Notes and Acrobat for that handwritten signature effect.

How to upgrade to the latest iPad and save

If you’d like to make the most of the features mentioned, we can help you upgrade to the latest iPad models and save money at the same time. With our trade-in scheme, you can use the residual value of your old devices to offset the cost of the new models. 

For example, a 2018 iPad Pro model in excellent condition could net you £250 in cash to help towards the purchase of new models. With these savings, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your old iPad deployment. Here's how our trade-in scheme works:

  1. You give our experienced sales team a call with a list of all your devices, their serial numbers and an idea of condition.
  2. We’ll speedily send you a quote for your old devices.
  3. We'll then collect your old devices and assess them.
  4. Next, we’ll confirm the trade-in value with you.
  5. You can then order your shiny new iPad models from us! We’ll send you a quote for new devices, and credit you for your old devices (all device data will be securely wiped).

Remember, as Apple experts we can even provide services such as staging and deployment, so you can roll out iPad to employees' hands ready to go, without having to lift a finger.

Interested in trading in iPad for the latest models? Get in touch with the team by calling 03332 409 214, emailing or filling in the form below. For the latest news, follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.


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