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How iPad gives you more control over your teaching workload

40% of teachers say they plan on leaving the profession within the next five years due to the demands of the job, and many are sacrificing more of their spare time just to keep up. So, we thought we’d look at a few ways iPad can help you put down the marking, be more productive and recapture your weekends.


Conal Siddall
Change how you talk to students and parents 

Want to improve communication with parents? Try Showbie. It’s a student portfolio app where parents can see work done by students and track their progress and achievements throughout the year. You can even provide audio feedback and share it with students, saving you time and workload by simply recording your voice. Another good app for communicating with parents is Remind. It’s a safe, free and easy way to instantly text students and parents reminders for assignments and homework, and to keep parents informed of what’s going on. 


Don’t make sharing resources a chore 

With Apples productivity apps (Pages, Numbers and Keynote), you can easily collaborate with other teachers on documents on both Apple devices and PCs – creating and sharing documents is seamless. When you finish working on your iPad, you can instantly pick up documents on your desktop from where you just stopped with the continuity features. 

When you want to share large resources with other teachers, the last thing you want is to be running around the school with a USB stick. With Apple’s iCloud storage, you can simply drag a file straight into your iCloud, share it with the people of your choice, and they can retrieve the file at the click of a button. It’s great for sharing videos, photos and resources that are too big to be sent over email. 


Make assessment and feedback more effective

Typically, you’ll either give written feedback in textbooks or verbal feedback in lessons and after school catch-up sessions, but it can be difficult to give each student detailed feedback.

Apps like Showbie, Explain Everything and Notability completely transform this process. Showbie allows you to create virtual classrooms and easily share and receive student work; you can then give quick feedback, annotations and talk to students in the app. Explain Everything is brilliant for verbal feedback, as it gives you easy tools to annotate work, record feedback and export it. Last but not least, Notability is perfect for extended written feedback, as it makes it easier to add detailed comments and has more annotation tools than Showbie.


Don’t be neat, be organised with Finder and Files 

While you might keep your classroom resources nicely organised, do you organise your digital files effectively? If you’re using a Mac notebookor iPad, take advantage of the tools you have to organise your files in Finder on Mac, and Files on iPad. You can organise documents, images and other files, share documents and multimedia files, and access files that you keep in iCloud or other cloud services like Dropbox – however you like to organise your files, it’s even easier on macOS and iOS. 


Streamline communication

With all the different ways of communicating these days, it can become a burden to keep on top of who said what to whom. Using the Messenger app with your other staff members is a great way of quickly getting in touch with someone. Slack is a great piece of software that allows you to group people together into chats, so teachers can talk with each other and share information with others in their year group.


Make consent forms easy and painless

Classtree makes getting parental consent forms for a fieldtrip paperless and painless. You can simply attach a consent form from your iPad that the parents can e-sign, and Classtree easily lets you see who has seen the consent form and who hasn’t signed the form.


Cut down planning time with Twinkl

Twinkl is a great online platform for downloading lessons plans created by other teachers. You might already use this, but if you don’t it’s definitely worth checking out. Experienced, passionate teachers have created over half a million lesson plans, classroom activities and teaching tools tailored specifically to you as a teacher. It’s easy to sign up and you can download resources as and when you need them.


Manage your time effectively with Calendar

Nothing is worse than being swamped with tasks, and it can be easy to try to rush through jobs when you’re busy. Tools like the Calendar on iPad let you easily set reminders and schedule work – so you’ll always have a clear overview of your jobs at hand.

If you’re after a more robust calendar, try Fantastical 2. It’s an iOS calendar that clearly shows you your events in daily, weekly and monthly calendar views. You can create multiple calendars too – perfect for creating different calendars for different classes.


Share your calendar and let people see your schedule

Are you a yes person? We all like to please, and while helping someone out at lunch club is a good thing, knowing your limits can stop you from taking on too much. Apps like Calendar and Outlook allow you to share your calendar with other staff, so they can see when you’re busy and when you’re free.


Write a list with Reminders!

Lists – some people love them; some people hate them. But there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of crossing off the last task. With iPad, you can use Reminders to set up a list of your jobs for the day, and you can use iCloud to work from the same list on a Mac notebook and your iPad.

Wunderlist is a simple, easy to use app that you can use to create a list of tasks, group them together, and schedule reminders when they need to be finished. This app can also be used on both iOS and macOS, so you can keep track of your lists on your phone and computer during the day.


If you want more great tips on how technology can help improve your workload, get in touch with our dedicated education team on, or call 03332 409 290. For the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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