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How can I afford Apple for my business?

When comparing a PC side-by-side to a Mac the immediate face value price may seem higher on a Mac. However, there are many additional costs to the initial purchase price which you may not have considered. These include upgrades, software, support and warranty. They should all be factored into your final price for a fair comparison.

Apple is not an exclusive platform, it’s compatible with Microsoft 365 and all the wonderful things that Adobe Creative Cloud has to offer. Since 2013, the use of Mac and its global share has doubled, in fact it has increased by 4% to around 15% since the beginning of lockdown. This demonstrates that more companies are choosing the versatility that Apple has to offer.


Consider the total cost and the value

All Mac devices are supplied pre-installed with macOS, a robust system which supports the modern collaborative approach to business. Compatible with iPadOS and iOS you can create a fully joined up estate across iPhone, iPad and Mac. New OS upgrades are free to install.

Mac devices retain their residual value for far longer than a PC meaning they give you greater buying power when trading in against new tech. We give you the option to pay monthly as operating expenditure instead of as capital expenditure. This means it can be treated as a tax write-off rather than as a taxable asset, and you can reap the benefits of a more efficient, effective device strategy straight away instead of having to wait for your ROI.

In addition to this, the cost of supporting a Mac is lower than with a standard PC. This is because macOS is more robust, the build quality is higher, and they are more reliable generally. In fact, according to a recent survey by Jamf, using Mac vs a PC saves enterprise organisations an average of £686 over a standard three-year cycle, when factoring in overall support cost savings and fewer deployment requirements, a total of £172 per device.


Apple – financing options:

We understand that businesses go through ebbs and flows and that cashflow is not always a steady stream. That’s why we offer lease schemes and pay monthly options alongside our standard purchase outright packages.

If Mac is a new approach, but you’re not 100% sure, our Mac Adoption Pilot may be a suitable option for you. With up to 25 devices to trial over a 6 month period, you have the time and opportunity to try before you buy. With frequent reviews, helpful engagement including discovery, design and implementation we can assist you with introducing Mac into your workplace, at your own pace, as and when you are ready to roll out Mac more widely into your business. Experience the power of Apple without the financial commitment all up front.

Your business staffing needs may fluctuate depending on the size and duration of the projects you are engaged with. With Device on Demand there is no minimum threshold so you can get hold of the devices you need when you need them with the option to hand them back once your project is complete. This also means you’re only paying for them as and when you need them.

Harness the power of Apple to unleash your business potential. Speak to a member of our team to find out how affordable Apple is for your business and start reaping the rewards today. 



Make Apple affordable today

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