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How accessibility transforms user experience

Accessibility is often overlooked, but it is a crucial factor to enhance your employees’ productivity, transform your users’ experience and ensure you’re delivering consistent service across a diverse userbase. Apple devices specifically are built with a number of customisable features to improve accessibility, many of which work seamlessly across devices in their range. Read on to discover what your company can do to improve accessibility…


The rise of accessibility

It’s easy to take for granted how Mac, iPhone and iPad have made our daily tasks more convenient. From ordering a pizza to working on the bus, there are all sorts of tools and programs available to fix the tiniest of problems. It’s natural to think that all our devices can really do is save us a little bit of time here and half an ounce of stress there, but the truth is that they can do so much more.

There’s been one particularly huge leap forward over the last few years – perhaps the most important focus of innovation: how tech can help everyone be included in society and the environment around them, no matter what accommodations they need. Apple is committed to making the user experience perfect, regardless of who the user is.


Apple leads the way

It used to be the case that any user with special accessibility needs would require expensive, single-function aids in the form of different devices that would single them out from the rest of the userbase. This isn’t the case anymore: a regular Mac, iPhone or iPad can be set up to meet accessibility requirements through the many customisation options that are built in, because each and every Apple product is designed to be accessible from the very start.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite features to highlight just how big a difference they can make to those who use them...

Vision features

Apple devices provide many options for blind and visually impaired users. For example, the built-in screen reader VoiceOver provides auditory descriptions of whatever is happening on the devices, from descriptions of images and navigation elements to text – and it is, of course, compatible with Braille keyboards and displays.

Even relatively simple features like the Larger Text option can make a world of difference in how a user interacts with their device.

All iPhone, iPad and Mac devices come with Reduce Motion, an option that simplifies onscreen elements and movements such as switching between apps. This is easier on the eyes and reduces the effects of motion sensitivity. It can also be turned on individually on each app, allowing the user to decide when to use it.


Mobility features

The entire Mac, iPhone and iPad range has a Switch Control option that allows users to connect a wide variety of controllers, panels and keyboards to their device. Also works across devices, allowing you to control your Mac from your iPhone for example. This is crucial for users with extensive motor limitations.

Another app that improves the user experience of those with motor limitations is Voice Control, which allows you to navigate using just your voice, allowing you to click, swipe, tap, select, zoom and so on, as well as write, without ever having your fingers touch the device.

And for devices with touchscreens, AssistiveTouch allows users to customise gestures. For example, if they struggle to pinch or tap, they can swap those gestures for others that are easier to perform.


Hearing features

The new Conversation Boost feature allows your end users to better hear conversations in crowded or noisy environments by clearing up the voice of the person in front of them. In fact, Headphone Accommodations offers a range of customisation options to ensure audio is tailored to the users’ hearing needs, allowing them to amplify certain sounds, reduce background noise and set up different audio profiles in your device for different situations.

For your office staff, Sound Recognition notifies them when a certain sound is detected around them, even if they can’t hear it. This can be anything from the ringing of a doorbell to something more serious, like a fire alarm.

Cognitive features

Apple devices also have a wide range of features to help the user focus. You can turn on Background Sounds, which helps minimise distractions; or Guided Access, which keeps you focused on one app at a time, and can even restrict keyboard and touch input.

The Do Not Disturb mode helps the user concentrate by silencing calls, alerts and notifications at chosen times – while also allowing calls from certain chosen individuals, so they can still be reached in case of an emergency.


Power to your people

A key benefit of bringing Apple into your business is that you can be confident your devices will provide accessibility advantages to your employees and end users. As the only UK company to hold both Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller and Authorised Service Provider status, we are uniquely positioned to deliver custom solutions that encompass a wide range of Apple devices, so you can empower all your users with technology they’ll love.


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