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Healthy at home: Feelgood remote working with Apple

For the good of our health, there’s only one thing to do: hunker down. But while remaining indoors and limiting social contact is undoubtedly the best course of action to avoid infection, won’t it come with its own negative effects on your physical and mental health? Fortunately, the Apple technology in your home can help you stay fit and well…

Mike Laskey

Staying in close contact during social distancing

Let's start with remote working, which so many of us are doing for the foreseeable future. Swapping the office for the home environment can be a big change, especially if it means locking yourself in a spare room or a poky study.

For starters, you’ll be having far fewer face-to-face conversations with colleagues – no watercooler fantasy football chats to pass the time – and it might surprise you just how much you miss them. The obvious solution is to stay in touch via video and instant messaging instead, and Apple products make that really easy.

For bigger or more formal meetings, you can use Zoom (available for free on the App Store) on Mac, which is a great way to see everyone in your team at once. But to stay sane, it’s important to take regular breaks, too, and FaceTime on iPhone and iPad is perfect for those vital natters that will keep you feeling human.

You could even arrange to have a daily lunchtime or mid-morning catchup with the person you normally sit next to – we’ll leave you to decide whether that would be a blessing or a curse.

Making the most of those breaks

As the government have been at pains to point out, everyone should do what they can to exercise while self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

The gym may be out of bounds, but (at the time of writing) it’s still a great idea to be as active as possible while working from home, whether that’s by going for a run before you break for lunch or just making sure you regularly get up and walk around the house.

But if you’re working in a smaller space than you’re used to, how can you keep track of how much activity you’re really doing? Fortunately, Apple Watch makes it simple. It monitors the active calories you burn, counts your steps and can even tell whether you’re sat down or stood up.

This information is then neatly presented in the form of three rings – Move, Exercise, and Stand – that gradually close together as you meet your daily goal, which you can change yourself in the Activity app.

Taking advantage of apps

Activity is brilliant, but it’s far from the only app that can help you live healthily while self-isolating. One of the biggest advantages of using Apple devices is their compatibility with millions of apps from the App Store, so there’s tons to choose from when it comes to eating well, moving more and feeling content.

If you’re the kind of person who struggles to drink enough water (six to eight glasses a day is what the NHS recommends), apps like Daily Water for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch provide convenient hydration tracking and scheduled reminders.

Or if easier access to the fridge and cupboard snacks is likely to be a bigger challenge, there are countless apps on the App Store to help you track the calories you consume just by scanning the barcodes on packaging. MyFitnessPal is just one popular example for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Looking after your mental health

Physical health isn’t the only thing that can suffer in crises like the Covid-19 outbreak. It’s only natural to be concerned by the ever-developing situation, and for those living with anxiety or high stress levels, working from home may be especially challenging from a mental health perspective.

If you have an Apple device, it’s worth looking at the many wellbeing apps on the App Store – well-known examples include Calm and Headspace – that provide everything from sleep aids to guided meditations and breathing exercises.

Taking a little time away from your work, or simply starting and ending the day with a few minutes of wellbeing activity, could make all the difference to your frame of mind.

Keeping things clean and sanitised

Whether you’re using an Apple device or not, wiping down your hardware and peripherals to kill the Covid-19 virus seems like a sensible precaution. After all, while you’re working from home, your notebook, phone and tablet will be coming into contact with different surfaces in an environment where other family members and pets may be present.

That said, you’ll want to clean your devices in a safe, gentle manner that doesn’t risk damaging them. The last thing your busy IT team will want at the moment is an email explaining you’ve ruined your computer with sprays or water.

Apple have updated their cleaning tips page to clarify the type of disinfectants that can be used on Apple products – 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes – and expand on how to protect devices while sanitising them. It’s required reading before your next regular wipe down.

Remote working tech tips

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