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It's good to share: Be more collaborative with shared storage for video

The world of video is increasingly competitive, so to help your agency stay ahead and attract clients, it’s important to use the most cutting edge technology. A shared storage solution helps your team be more collaborative, which makes for more efficient workflows (saving time and money), better management of projects (to hit deadlines on time), and an improved end product.

Shariff Ibrahim

While small scale content may only require one editor, more complex video output, can factor in larger teams and many more tasks. Workplace collaboration requires technology and interconnected teams to get that project from contract to distribution.

Traditionally, an agency may have been using local storage devices (external hard drives), or even have multiple edit suites connected with network attached storage (NAS), if working with more complex video. But these solutions give no way to actually access, share and work on content simultaneously as a team. A collaborative storage solution gives the ability to easily share files and work together on footage, ultimately getting projects to clients on time and within budget.

Why collaborative workflows?

By uniting teams with integrated, connected solutions, companies adopting video in-house can become more efficient and improve employee user experience. Accessibility is key – editors may be trying to access work from different operating systems or NLEs, and connecting in different ways. A solid shared storage platform lets users access footage from their preferred platform, lets them work together on projects without overwriting each other, and give access to your storage infrastructure. 

Digital technologies are now catching up with the demand for intuitive, online work environments, and a new era of collaborative tools has begun to take over. Uniting teams within integrated and connected video platforms is the number one easy-win for companies searching for more efficiency and a better user experience as they adopt a video-first mindset across the business.

You might think that this all sounds rather pricey, and it is true that large-scale, enterprise-grade storage solutions can be sizeable investments. But you'll find that they're still cost-efficient, as the productivity boost will be saving time and money. Shared storage solutions are also scalable, so as your agency grows and takes on more video work, more editors can be added while still meeting the bandwidth requirements for UHD, 4K and beyond. 

Shared storage solutions at Jigsaw24

As experts in all things storage, we can provide top shared storage solutions to fit your budget. We work closely with a number of the largest storage manufacturers such as Avid, Quantum, EditShare, DDP and more, and can advise on the best fit for your workflow, and help integrate them with your asset management systems. 

Want to find out more about how we can help you sort out your storage? Get in touch with the team on 03332 409 204 or email For the latest news, follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

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