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Endpoint security for modern-day threats: Apple’s out-of-the-box protection explained

A 2021 government survey reported four in ten businesses suffered cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months, with medium and large businesses seeing a higher incidence than their smaller counterparts. That sounds intimidating, but the fact is, there is a lot a business can do to protect itself, from making careful choices when it comes to hardware, to endpoint security software, to developing a business continuity plan that prioritises protecting customer assets. 


With Apple devices in your estate, you know your business can support multi-factor authentication, secure device boot, and granular device management – all key to keeping your users and intellectual property safe. But you can get even greater protection for large-scale deployments when you combine native protection and supplementary tools. 

Why review security now? 

Organisations reliant on tech are at a critical point. Growing workforces, greater business demands, and the remote working revolution have led to an increased number of devices in the workforce and more complex systems –  and all this means that now is the perfect time to review your security plans and ensure they’re ready to support the next phase of your business’s growth. The larger and more dispersed your workforce becomes, the broader the range of tools you should consider. 

What are the potential costs of poor security? 

But before we look at how you can secure your devices and workforce, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of the potential costs we’re seeking to avoid. Aside from poor productivity and loss of revenue while you recover your systems, leaked data can see businesses landed with regulatory fines and legal expenses, while damage to brand reputation can have long-lasting consequences. 

The key to avoiding these is ensuring that security isn’t overlooked during IT upgrades. Or for IT teams to be bound by budgetary constraints or resistance to change. If there was ever a time to push back, it’s now. A modern endpoint security solution ensures employees’ devices, data – and ultimately the business – are protected across different networks, regardless of their location to allow complete flexibility and peace of mind. 

Apple: Inherently secure

Apple devices have a strong security foundation across their hardware, software and services, which is part of the reason they’re increasingly popular in business. With native security features to manage device settings, restrict software and automatically install security updates, devices are secure from the moment they’re switched on. But your security solutions shouldn’t stop there. By getting to grips with the protection provided by Apple’s endpoint security features, you can understand how to strengthen this further with supplementary tools and safeguard your systems.

Multi-layer data security

Internal storage volumes are encrypted automatically, and file-level encryption ensures your data is secure. Thanks to Secure Enclave, data is safeguarded even if the Operating System or other parts of the security infrastructure become compromised. And if local storage is removed from the device, data remains inaccessible even if it’s placed in another Mac.

Secure, simple user authentication 


81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged stolen and/or weak passwords. 

(Verizon Data Report)

Touch ID and Face ID bring a whole new level of security to Apple devices to make risky password authentication a thing of the past. Fingerprint data sits on the device, isn’t stored in any iCloud services, and never winds up on servers – not even Apple servers. It can’t be accessed by apps and there’s no backup copy anywhere. 

Protection against malicious attacks

Native security tools stop malware in its track. Tools such as XProtect, Gatekeeper and Notarization verify and block apps, ensuring only those trusted make it onto devices. But if something were to slip through, App Sandbox quickly steps in to protect system resources and user data from malicious software. And should the worst happen, Malware Removal Tool is ready to remediate against infections.  

Beyond out-of-the-box protection, admins and/or users have full control over how apps interact with stored data, which operating systems can run on the device and can determine read-only access for vital system components. This provides yet another layer of security to stop unwanted access to data and system modification in a malicious event.  

Improve security without sacrificing productivity

Helping you to understand how Apple works to safeguard devices so you can level up your protection is our aim here. However, Apple’s security features and additional apps designed to enhance security go beyond protecting against threats - they also help improve productivity for IT teams and end users. 

Touch-free roll out of the tightest security controls is a time-saver for IT teams. And automated updates to the latest operating systems and security tools mean no downtime for employees while settings are configured, or security updates installed. Disruption caused by security breaches become a thing of the past and less security-related IT support frees up the team. 
Fast access to vetted, safe apps and tools makes lighter work of most tasks and helps to prevent viruses. And users can confidently collaborate and share files with internal colleagues and external partners without the risk of compromising data.

The entire Apple range offers an excellent user experience, too, with simple controls, a clear interface and built-in accessibility tools so users can customise devices to suit their needs. Armed with devices employees know and love, satisfaction and productivity skyrocket. And an engaged workforce is priceless.  


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