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CRN Channel Awards Winners! Reseller of the Year +101m Turnover

We are proud to announce that we are the winner of CRN's Reseller of the Year £101m+ Turnover Award! Last night we took home a small trophy which symbolises all the hard work of many brilliant Jigsaw24 people and many years of work.

To better bring to life what our nominations and awards have been, we've interviewed Chief Sales Officer Tim Bodill, CFO Rob Hicking, COO David Dudman, Founder and Director John Hughes and Founder and CEO Roger Whittle. 

Jigsaw24 winner of Reseller of the Year £101m+ Turnover

Jigsaw24:  We were nominated for two awards at this year's CRN Channel Awards: Best Lockdown Project and Reseller of the Year +101m Turnover. Tell us a bit about the Best Lockdown Project, for which we've been highly commended.

John Hughes: It was a huge privilege for the company to work on a project that was so important to the UK’s battle against COVID-19. I am incredibly proud of the dedication and teamwork displayed by our colleagues in executing the project to the highest of standards. The excellence of their work continues to enhance Jigsaw24’s reputation as a safe pair of hands for projects as complex as this one. Tim has something to add on this.

Tim Bodill: Our nomination in the Best Lockdown Project reflects the great collaboration between our first class colleagues, from the moment the opportunity came in all the way through to handing over devices to the user and providing support thereafter. Nothing is too much trouble at any time, but when it comes to helping the country in a crisis our people truly stepped up.

Read more about how Jigsaw24 worked alongside NHSX and provided 10,000 iPads to care homes across the UK.

Jigsaw24:  Now tell us about the big award! What does the Reseller of the Year £101m+ Turnover (bit of a mouthful) mean to Jigsaw24? 

Rob Hicking: I think this is fantastic recognition for a business that has grown from strength-to-strength. Jigsaw24 started life in the 90s as a catalogue reseller, developing a specialism in the Apple portfolio. The growth in the business since then has been phenomenal, as we continue to add and develop our product and service offerings for today’s market. It’s amazing to be nominated alongside peers that operate at the very top of the industry, and it demonstrates just how far we’ve come.  

Tim Bodill: Being the winner of this top award category gives Jigsaw24 recognition as one of the country's leading technology providers. We have been in the business of focussing on customer excellence for almost 30 years without a high profile in the reseller community. This win recognises the enormous efforts of our incredible team and acknowledges the high levels of service we have always given to our customers. 

Jigsaw24:  That's so true, we're highly committed to our customers but within our teams as well. Next question, what does Jigsaw24 do better than other companies out there? 

David Dudman: Our focus and values are all around end user experience and customer service and really putting people first. M&E is converging with the IT market, and I don't think anybody else out there has what we have and the expertise and the history we've got. When I walk through the door, I'm surrounded by committed, passionate, loyal, dedicated people who want to come in and do a good job and really make a difference.

Roger Whittle: We've got well over 500 years experience in IT. We are serious and earnest about what we want to do, but we're also passionate. We care about our customers, we care about the support we offer them. At Jigsaw24 we have a huge obsessive Apple knowledge, I believe we have got a substantially more support experience in terms of Avid than Avid UK do. And without a doubt, there's the camaraderie, it's the banter, the giggles, the being stupid, the working together, late nights if you have a product launch, these are the things I think that matter – being a team.

Tim Bodill: Jigsaw24 has all of the components that make any business great built into its DNA. As a reseller we stand out because what we have always done is what every one of our competitors wants to do today. Diversity, inclusivity and looking after our environment are values everyone in Jigsaw24 has grown up with and delivers effortlessly. 

Rob Hicking: When I look at our peers, I think there are two or three things Jigsaw24 does better. First, our deep understanding of Apple. This is across product knowledge, supply chain understanding and business application – we can deliver the best experience bar none. Second, we can deliver great agility and be super customer-centric – smaller peers don’t have the scale, bigger companies just aren’t as flexible – this means we can really deliver to customer needs.  Finally, I think we’re at the leading edge among our peers on sustainability.   

Jigsaw24:  We couldn't agree more. And now for the final question, where is Jigsaw24 heading and what does its future hold for its customers? 

Rob Hicking: We’ll continue to grow and evolve, and it’s an exciting time at Jigsaw24. As we expand our scale and breadth of propositions, though, we’ll always be true to our principles: delivering best-in-class products and services; keeping our brilliant team culture; and doing our best to promote sustainability and protect the environment. For our customers, this means building on the fantastic delivery that they already receive and knowing that we’re a trusted and expert partner. 

Tim Bodill: Our mission is to build stronger, deeper and broader relationships with all of our customers, delivering genuine value to each relationship. We have a great reputation because of the quality of our people and the services we already deliver, but there is so much more we can do.

Jigsaw24:  And we will, Tim! Thank you all and congratulations to the whole team for winning the Reseller of the Year £101m+ Turnover Award at the CRN Channel Awards 2021. 


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