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Creating impressive digital signage at St Paul's High School

St Paul’s Catholic High School wanted to impress with a new digital signage system. We supplied them with all the knowledge, support and equipment they needed, installing a Scala digital signage system and various extras. Since the installation, staff at the school have been able to have great control over the information displayed around the site.

Updating the school environment

St Paul’s is a Specialist Engineering college for 11-16 year olds in Manchester. As part of the ‘Building Schools for the Future’ (BSF) programme, St Paul’s is working towards updating its technology and facilities.

The staff at St Paul’s wanted to give the school’s entrance a modern feel by installing a digital signage system. The aim was to place two screens in the visitors’ entrance and one in the pupils’ entrance, with a further two screens in the main hall alongside a new projection system. All of the screens needed to be able to play the same information and be changed individually, so that both general and subject specific content could be displayed.

The projection system in the main hall had to have the capability to be used with a laptop, play DVDs, work as additional digital signage, and be controlled from the main hall and a control room above.

Designing the solution

After an onsite consultation, our digital signage experts suggested a Scala digital signage system, including a template starter pack and training on how to use the new setup. We created and branded five templates for the school, which were easy to update and add videos, images and text to by using a simple web interface.

Creating a complete branded signage system

As the installation of the digital signage system got underway, we also equipped the control room with an AV rack unit containing a DVD player, AMX Control system and a SMART-E CAT5 Matrix. This was integrated with an AMX Touch panel system (school-branded, courtesy of Jigsaw24) in both the control room and the hall.

In addition to this, a VGA wall plate was installed in the hall. This allows a laptop or PC to control the output of the projector and LCD screens from either room. DVDs could be shown on the projector and signage on the screens, or vice versa.

Creating original material

The system suggested and installed by Jigsaw24 more than fulfilled all of the school’s requirements. The digital signage template package was just a starting point and the training went a long way. Once staff were familiar with how to create, update and schedule content, they could manage the entire system themselves with very little effort. Now they create all of the content and scheduling used at St Paul’s.

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