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Break the language barrier with FlashAcademy

English as an additional language (EAL) pupils now make up just over 21% of primary students and nearly 17% of secondary students in England, presenting a new challenge to teachers. EAL learners come from many different countries, which means there can be many different languages represented in a single classroom, and teachers often lack the resources to give pupils the support they need.


Conal Siddall

So, where can teachers go to get the help they need to teach EAL students effectively and give them the tools to thrive? Luckily, we now live in an age where technology is king, and devices like iPad can be used in the classroom to help teach EAL students with amazing apps like FlashAcademy.

Winner of multiple education awards, FlashAcademy supports teaching and learning for EAL students. Through curriculum-based lessons, challenges and fun games, pupils will learn vital English language skills around grammar, punctuation and pronunciation. 


For learners of different ages and abilities

Suitable for learners through KS1 to KS5, the app expands students’ vocabulary skills with adaptive lessons tailored to students’ learning styles. The state of the art comprehension technology allows them to speak into the microphone of their iPad and receive instant feedback on their pronunciation, which builds their confidence using English language.

FlashAcademy also supports independent learning. The app teaches English from 30 home languages, with audio, phonics, and pictures for students who can’t read, so they can understand the activities with less support. The mix of interactive lessons, games and translation technology makes learning fun and engaging, and pupils can access the apps in class or at home, so students are encouraged to continue learning when school ends.


Reducing teacher workload

Accessible on iPad, Mac or iPhone, the FlashAcademy EAL dashboard gives teachers a central location to monitor students and measure their progress. From the dashboard, teachers can instantly create reports to demonstrate students’ progress to parents, SLT and Ofsted.

There are hundreds of resources and lessons already in the app, and more can be downloaded from the FlashAcademy website, so teachers can spend less time designing their own and more time focusing on the needs of students. Teachers can also set homework, see live leaderboards and reward students with certificates directly from the app, making it easier to keep track of learning outside school and reward high-achieving students.


The ultimate tool for teaching EAL

Pronunciation feedback – the speech analyser gives students instant feedback, so they can practice pronunciation without feeling self-conscious.

Object translator – FlashAcademy boasts one of the world’s first object translators. Students can simply point their phone at any object to name and translate it into more than 40 languages.

Teacher EAL dashboard – The teacher dashboard helps staff to monitor students’ progress and makes reporting quick and easy.

30 home languages supported – Students can get feedback in 30 native languages to help them understand the challenges and lessons more easily.

Tailored lessons – Using machine learning, the FlashAcademy app tailors learning to the ability level of each individual pupil and scales as they progress.

Award-winning – Including the KPMG ‘Best British Mobile Start-up’, National Cool Initiatives ‘Education Challenge’, and West Midlands Tech Awards ‘Innovation in Education’ awards.


What do you need?

Getting started with FlashAcademy is easy. All you need is a desktop or mobile device like iPad to deliver lessons, and a full school licence gives schools unlimited EAL and MFL licences for students to use in the classroom and at home. If you would like a free demonstration for your school, contact the FlashAcademy education team by calling 0121 724 0854 or emailing and quote ‘Jigsaw24’.


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