Why buy Avid NEXIS shared storage?

Media organisations are under pressure to create more content for everything, from broadcast and OTT delivery to social media and mobile apps, in order to keep up with the competition in today’s increasingly digital world. Avid's powerful, reliable  NEXIS system is the best shared storage system for demanding production pipelines, as our Senior Avid Support Specialist, Neal Kemsley, explains...


Becki Crossley

Imagine being able to book an edit session or audio sweetening session in any edit suite in the facility. Your project metadata and project media is available to any workstation connected to the NEXIS Media Network, without reconnecting devices or worrying about where drives are located. NEXIS storage can be placed in a central location and be maintained and administered using easy to learn tools.

The media files can be made available to all users, a select group of users or restricted to particular users as needed. A wide variety of Avid and non-Avid applications and platforms can use Avid NEXIS for storing media and project data, and the storage is available to Windows, macOS and Linux Operating System-based servers and workstations.


Why Avid NEXIS?

Explore a variety of product options which allow you to select:

o   Storage capacity options providing storage capacity expansion capability from 20TB to 120TB building block increments for hard disk technology storage, and 9.6TB and 19.2TB increments for Solid State Disk (SSD) technology storage.

o   Storage performance tier options including performance based on traditional spinning disk (scale out performance and high performance), high performance SSD storage, and disks optimised for nearline bulk storage performance.

o   Whether redundant storage controllers and redundant LACP controlled network connections are used in the initial installation of the storage Engine. These options can be added to NEXIS E series Engines later when workflow, budget and operational conditions justify their use.

o   Disk storage density options allowing you to make the most efficient use of your rack space, power and cooling capacity, and network connectivity, or grow a NEXIS storage environment in affordable increments.

o   There are options in some NEXIS Engine models where warm spare drives can be accommodated.


Scale efficiently and flexibly, allowing you to:

o   Grow the system to meet bandwidth requirements to support many streams of high bandwidth media up to UHD format, 4K and beyond, many users and many connected devices. Currently the NEXIS system can scale to deliver an aggregated storage system bandwidth of up to 20GBps (yes that is gigabytes per second!).

o   Grow the system to accommodate more complex redundancy schemes that protect against hardware failure.

o   Grow the system to deliver storage capacity to accommodate and protect your valued media data at several different storage tiers (High Performance, Scale out, Nearline). Currently the NEXIS system can accommodate up to 6 petabytes of storage in a single NEXIS File System!


Ensure lower downtime with:

o   Hardware redundancy built into every storage engine including redundant power supplies and cooling fans, redundant SSD-based system drives, and network connectivity.

o   Redundant hardware which can be replaced "hot" without needing the system to be shut down during service.

o   Dynamic storage expansion options allowing you to increase and reduce the storage assigned to users and add and remove storage with little impact to workflows.

o   Use of standard Ethernet cabling and switches as opposed to less easily supported technologies such as Fibre Channel, iSCSI and Infiniband.


Choose from a range of Storage Protection schemes, allowing:

o   Data duplication that protects system data from the loss of one System disk.

o   Data redundancy that protects media data against the loss of one or two media disks in the storage engine.

o   Data redundancy that protects media data against the loss of one storage engine or up to five media disks.


Coupled with Jigsaw24's expertise in the integration of shared storage systems, workflow, data migration, and training, we can help you to plan and deploy a new shared storage system that meets your technical requirements, budgetary needs and your aspirations for workflow capability. 

NEXIS hardware starts at £11,500 ex VAT for a NEXIS Pro engine. Get in touch on the details below to find out more about building and configuring your system. 


To find out more about the Avid NEXIS, get in touch with our expert team by emailing broadcast@Jigsaw24.com or giving us a call on 03332 409 306. For all the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter @Jigsaw24Video or 'like' us on Facebook.


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