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Pro Tools 2019.5 introduces sky-high new voice limit

The latest version of Pro Tools software, Pro Tools 2019.5, features a voice limit increase for all Pro Tools | Ultimate customers, support for macOS Mojave, and a raft of efficiency updates. Here’s what you get...


Liz Sunter

The headline feature of this update is a new upper voice limit for any Pro Tools | Ultimate users. You’ll now be able to work with 384 simultaneous voices/audio tracks using software alone, up from a mere 256 in the previous version. This means you can create and mix large-scale music and soundtrack productions without being restrained by voice limits, and play and review massive mixes without being tethered to a Pro Tools | HDX system – ideal if you’re reviewing audio as part of a post workflow, and want to be able to get sign-off in your client suite as opposed to the studio.


Voice Packs for Pro Tools 2019.5

If you need yet more tracks, you can increase the number of available voices to 1152 by adding native Voice Packs to your setup. Each additional voice pack allows you to support an additional:

  •  128/64/32 more mono audio tracks.
  •  64/32/16 more stereo audio tracks.
  •  32/16/8 more quad audio tracks.
  •  21/10/5 more 5.1 audio tracks.
  •  16/8/4 more 7.1 audio tracks.

If you're not sure how many Voice Packs you'll need, Avid are currently offering a 30 day free trial, so you can more accurately gauge how many packs you'll need before you purchase. Get in touch to get started. 


Create more fluidly during playback

With the latest version of Pro Tools, you can now interact with tracks and timeline suggestions more freely, making changes without interrupting playback. Drop different effects, presets, loop points, and more onto your timeline while Pro Tools keeps playing the track, so you can try out different sounds without breaking your creative stride. Tasks supported during playback include:

  •  Create or delete tracks.
  •  Enable or disable tracks.
  •  Add a preset to a track.
  •  Insert, move, or remove plug-ins.
  •  Insert, move, or remove sends.
  •  Make changes to your I/O.
  •  Record-enable and disable tracks.
  •  Adjust start and end points of a loop or timeline selection.
  •  Move an entire loop or timeline selection.
Double your MIDI track count 

Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate now support 1024 MIDI tracks (up from 512), giving you the freedom to create colossal, richly orchestrated pieces. With a larger palette of instruments and articulations at your disposal, you can spend more time creating and less time stressing on setup workarounds or having to forgo certain articulations. This is ideal for film scoring and ardent sample library users, where MIDI tracks can quickly run up into the hundreds.


Name tracks faster

Pro Tools | Ultimate, Pro Tools and Pro Tools | First users will all find it easier to name tracks, as you can now name new tracks as you create them, providing a new “Name” field in the New Track dialogue box. This makes it faster and easier to name multiple new tracks in one fell swoop. If you don’t immediately give a new track a name, Pro Tools will automatically create a default name for you, respective of the track type, making it easy to recognise.

Pro Tools | First users finally get access to unlimited projects with this release, too. First users can now create and save as many projects as they want locally, and choose up to three to sync to the cloud for anytime access.


OS support and multi-seat licensing

On a slightly less showy but still incredibly useful note, Pro Tools 2019.5 adds support for the latest Apple OS, macOS Mojave (10.14), although MTRX users have been warned to wait for a similar update in Dadman before they upgrade (MTRX will work with macOS Sierra and High Sierra). 

2019.5 also introduces a multi-seat licences for Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate, allowing post houses, production facilities and universities to purchase a multi-user bundle including Avid Complete Plugin Bundle—plus HEAT, Pro Tools | MachineControl, and Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O License with all Pro Tools | Ultimate seats. This server-based PACE floating license not only makes administering licenses faster and easier, it reduces licensing complexity and eliminates the need for iLoks across your facility.

Users with an active Pro Tools licence will be able to download the update from their Avid account. To renew your Avid licences, reactive lapsed ones, or find out more, get in touch with the team.

Shop Pro Tools software here. 


Pro Tools | MTRX DigiLink I/O card now available to pre-order!

In other news, the MTRX DigiLink I/O card is now available to pre-order. The MTRX offers 64 channels of I/O per card, enabling multi-card and multi-workstation systems to connect through a single MTRX interface. This means you can route all playback sources, stems, Dolby Atmos rendering, and monitor outputs through a single 2U device. 

If you're working with sound for picture and are coming under increasing pressure to be deliver Dolby Atmos mixes, the MTRX DigiLink I/O card is the simplest way to get the necessary I/O, minimising the power consumption, complication and hardware costs of a multi-computer Pro Tools setup. 


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