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Our M&E team

At Jigsaw24, we’re proud to have some of the best people in the business. Our M&E team is made up of experts who’ve been working in the media and entertainment industry for years, providing our customers with expert solution design, consultancy, professional services and support, all underpinned by best-in-class technology solutions.

Here’s a closer look at some of the faces behind the Jigsaw24 M&E team. After all, we’re not the leading media solutions provider in the industry by coincidence…

With over 20 years’ experience in the post-production industry, Chris is well versed in almost all forms of post-production. He’s currently responsible for delivering high-end solutions and workflows for both post-production and broadcast production.

“My speciality has always been in technical support and solution design, with Avid and core post-production at the heart of everything. More recently I have been instrumental in designing remote workflows for movie studios and small to large post facilities, as well as helping customers transition to virtualised solutions – whether in a public or private cloud. I have also been at the forefront of the move to the cloud for broadcast gallery and processing workflows. And I’m heavily involved in the vendor selection process to make sure Jigsaw24 have the best set of strategic vendors on which to deliver our solutions.”

“The right solution can increase productivity and influence decisions made upstream and downstream of the workflow, so we pride ourselves on meeting the customers’ real needs and pain points. The added value we bring is in our dedication to find the correct solution at the right budget. We are always at the forefront of new and emerging technologies to deliver to our diverse customer base.”

Chris’ journey began at root6, where he was able to work his way through the engineering ranks, supporting all phases of the post-production process. He eventually became a manager of customer support where he led a large team of customer support engineers, as well as working closely with the sales and pre-sales team to deliver solutions, professional services and support at all levels.

After the merger of Jigsaw24 and root6, Chris moved into technical pre-sales, eventually taking the role of lead technical pre-sales consultant, where he currently leads our excellent M&E pre-sales team.

What do you love to do outside of work?

“I have played in multiple bands as a guitarist and a drummer and love movies.” 

What should people get in touch with you about?

  • Remote working design and workflows.
  • Virtualisation of post-production and production elements.
  • Editorial and finishing solutions and workflows with storage and asset management.
  • Cloud-based workflows for post and broadcast.
  • Next-generation workflows and solutions.
  • Avid, Sienna, AWS, R&S, Dell, HPE, Adobe, LucidLink, Quantum, DDP, Streambox, Teradici, Leostream and PAMs.

Get in touch with Chris on LinkedIn.


Gerry works across all areas of our business – solutions design, pre-sales, professional services, project management and system integration, plus support escalations. As the Head of Technical for Scotland, he’s the man for all things related to M&E in our Scottish market.

What’s your story, Gerry?

“I initially started my career as an audio visual engineer after leaving college and then moved on to become a wireman/junior engineer based at a UK broadcaster. From there, I transitioned into a broadcast and post-production support engineering role with a reseller. I then got a role at root6, which carried on through to Jigsaw24 following the company merger. At Jigsaw24, I started off as a pre-sales and support engineer, providing onsite and remote support, pre-sale consultancy, training and system integration, and that’s led me to where I am today.”

Gerry’s expertise spans across everything from post-production workflows to network architecture and storage. He holds accreditations in Avid ACSR Elite and Dante Level 2, and he’s also an AWS Technical Professional. Having worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, he uses his extensive knowledge of relevant technologies to carefully meet our customers’ unique requirements.

When Gerry isn’t implementing remote editing solutions or designing high-end workstations, you may find him immersed in his other passions: listening to his favourite music, enjoying a game of golf, or watching the football.

What should people get in touch with you about?

  • Avid based systems and workflows.
  • Editshare storage and workflows.
  • Storage.
  • High-end workstations.
  • Pre-sales advice and planning.
  • Assistance with planned projects.
  • System configurations/integration.
  • Network architecture.
  • Digital archive.
  • Post-production workflows.
  • Support escalation.

Get in touch with Gerry on LinkedIn. Or find him on Twitter @GerryJigsaw24.


When not running, cycling or manning the BBQ, Rolf Martens is hard at work designing audio solutions for our post and music customers.

“I’m first and foremost a sound engineer by trade, music fanatic and sound technology geek. I’ve worked for Pinewood Studios archiving and restoring soundtracks for film on ageing formats, then progressed to the Domestic Sound for Film department as a mix technician. After that, I worked as a technical supervisor and sound engineer at VoiceOver Soho before starting here at Jigsaw24. Other roles earlier in my career have included studio installation and live sound, but my main area of expertise is designing custom solutions for post-production and music studios.” 

What should people ask you about?

All my roles have given me great exposure to and experience with industry-standard technologies, so I’m here to help everyone get to grips with the latest workflows, including:

  • Avid audio software and hardware.
  • Dolby Atmos setups.
  • Dante solutions.
  • Sound post-production workflows and solutions.

Get in touch with Rolf on LinkedIn


The newest member of our pre-sales team, Jonathan got his start at RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster and counts himself “lucky to work in such an exciting and rewarding sector.”

Previous roles have included work as a post-production engineer at Evolutions: “It gave me fabulous experience of location recording – I worked on The Hotel, The Villa, Million Pound Drop, Educating Yorkshire and One Born Every Minute to name a few. I was also a systems engineer at ITV, looking after the extensive Avid and EVS systems used by ITV Creative and ITV Sport. And for a while I was a production support engineer at the London Studios, mostly enjoying the fabulous and hugely missed Studios restaurant. I’m still trying to lose the gained kilos!”

What are you working on here at Jigsaw24?

I help our clients determine the best solutions for post-production requirements: Avid edit systems with shared storage, media management playout, etc. I also help with some of the cloud offerings out there, which are now quite mature and offer our customers the magic of HCI and invisible infrastructure.

What areas can you help with?

  • Post-production video solutions.
  • Shared storage systems.
  • Broadcast QC and playout.
  • Cloud solutions for M&E.
  • Remote workflows.

“I’m also available if anyone needs the guitar playing (badly), honky-tonk sung (even worse), or to celebrate/commiserate over Leinster Rugby.”

Get in touch with Jonathan on LinkedIn.


Neal has a unique role within Jigsaw24 M&E team which spans across pre-sales, customer support, product training and situation escalation.

One key area of his expertise lies in Avid customer support, where he specialises in infrastructure products such as Avid NEXIS and Avid MediaCentral. He’s also both an Avid Certified Support Representative and Avid Certified Instructor for their technical classes.

"A recent area of expansion of specialism for me has been Hyperconverged infrastructure (or HCI) and hybrid cloud compute technologies from Nutanix, which share many areas of interest for me, and have a great ability to solve many of the challenges that media and broadcast organisations face today.” 

He also specialises in high capacity/high-performance data storage, cloud computing and network infrastructure solutions – with a particular interest in high-performance networking for media data storage applications for news, broadcast and post-production usage.

What’s your background?

“I previously worked for a high-end audio manufacturer in the UK and the USA where I honed my electronics troubleshooting and customer service skills. I then worked for a large M&E-oriented system integrator and reseller in Atlanta, USA, where I expanded my skills to configuring and supporting broadcast and post-production systems. This was also where I was first exposed to non-linear editing and Avid.

I then returned to the UK to work for Avid as a customer support engineer. I was initially based in London, but eventually expanded out to the south west of the UK, and then to the wider EMEA territories as a team lead, specialising in supporting Avid’s infrastructure and storage products, as well as complex non-linear post-production systems.

I left Avid in 2004 to work for root6 as their Manager of Customer Support, based in Soho in London. This was a great opportunity to be more involved in the cut and thrust of the heart of London’s busy post-production scene. In 2015 I took on a more blended role at root6, tending more towards pre-sales support and encompassing the roles I work at today at Jigsaw24 since the merger of the two companies.”

Outside of life at Jigsaw24, Neal’s other interests include photography, music and learning about the technology that underpins these arts. He also loves to run and read.

What should people get in touch with you about?

  • Avid Infrastructure product-related projects including individual product and system deployments, audits and upgrades.
  • Storage and networking systems for complex media production workflows including performance networking for high data rate/low latency applications.
  • Nutanix Hyperconverged infrastructure system scoping, deployment planning, and hybrid cloud system realisation, especially for M&E solution hosting.
  • Microsoft Windows platform related solutions.

Get in touch with Neal on LinkedIn.


Phillip works in the Pre-Sales team for Media and Entertainment. When he’s not taking long country walks with his Labrador Alfie or pursuing his interest in photography and film, here are some of the things he gets up to in his day-to-day role…

“I specialise in workstation and storage configurations for media and entertainment businesses at a high level, including asset backup and archive workflows for the extensive unstructured data our clients in this space maintain. I am always on the lookout for new technologies and opportunities to work with and develop them in the media and entertainment sector. Most recently, I’ve been looking at ways to provide solutions for remote working and data access needs brought about by the pandemic, utilising cloud and data centre hosting technologies.”

“Some key projects I’ve worked on in the past few years include complete media storage refreshes, greenfield data centre deployments for post-production customers, the introduction of new data storage and archive workflows, and high-performance network infrastructure projects.” 

Phillip has been with Jigsaw24 for over 10 years, previously working in technical support, before moving into a role in professional services and engineering. He has specialised in M&E in each of these roles, which eventually led him into the pre-sales consultancy role he’s in today.

Prior to his career at Jigsaw24, he completed a BSc Media Technology degree at De Montfort University, Leicester, where he studied video production and post workflows.

What should people get in touch with you about?

“Get in touch with me to discuss data storage and workflow for media assets in post-production. Backup and archive storage are also a focus area for me, and I also look at technical architecture for AWS and other cloud vendors.”

Phillip’s product/vendor focus areas include:

Avid, Editshare, AWS, Adobe, Dell, HPE, HP, Object Matrix, Quantum and LucidLink.

Get in touch with Phillip on LinkedIn.


Sebastian has expertise across a broad range of solutions for production and post-production.

“I’ve specialised in solutions for finishing and delivery, and provide help both in designing the solutions on a technical level, as well as providing training and consulting around the workflow. For example, a customer could be looking to deliver projects to Netflix and want to upgrade their current systems and workflow to be fully Dolby Vision, HDR or IMF-capable. I would help design the solution and provide training for the team around conform, online, grade and delivery.”

Sebastian is a Dolby Vision Certified Professional. In addition to this, he’s also specialised in solutions for virtual production.

“There is a lot of interest in virtual production, and I only see that increasing. This is an area that’s seen an incredible amount of progress in what you’re able to achieve with LED walls, tracking and Unreal Engine in a studio.

“I work with customers to design complete solutions for virtual production. That includes the choice of LED vendor or type, configuration of the wall, tracking systems, Unreal Engine operator workstations, render nodes and how to scale the system based on the customer’s requirements.”

“Whether you’re looking to deliver to Netflix or start working as an independent producer, we at Jigsaw24 have the expertise and the solutions to achieve your goals.”

Sebastian, what’s your story?

“I started out in the industry working for a Danish systems integrator in the technical support department handling all customer support cases. After a year in support, I moved to into a consultant/specialist role helping design and implement solutions for customers across the M&E industry in Denmark, with a focus on production and post-production.

Besides doing this, I also worked freelance with various jobs, mainly as 1st AC, 2nd AC, DIT on-set and working as a colourist on several projects. I moved to London in 2019 and within a few months I joined Jigsaw24 as a Technical Presales Consultant for M&E.”

When he’s not delivering industry-leading M&E projects, Sebastian enjoys photography, cinema, travelling and exploring all that the city of London has to offer.

What areas can you help with?

  • Grading suites (DaVinci Resolve, reference monitors, waveform monitors and rasterisers, workstations, I/O, grading panels, training).
  • Mastering tools (R&S Clipster, DaVinci Resolve).
  • High-performance storage (Shared storage for DPX, OpenEXR and RAW workflows).
  • Post-production (edit suites, shared storage, LucidLink).

Get in touch with Sebastian on LinkedIn


As an accredited AWS Cloud Practitioner and certified Avid ACSR, Leason has a wealth of experience behind him. Whether it’s building Avid based systems and workflows or setting up Ardis DDP storage and workflows, he knows how to get the job done. He has extensive experience with a wide variety of systems, technologies, and vendors, as well as expertise in networking and storage.

“I work on everything from large to small scale projects including post-production houses, newsrooms, live broadcast, television and sports events - using various technologies to meet the customer’s requirements.”

“I initially started my career as a sound engineer after leaving college and then moved on to become a wireman. From there I moved into a post-production support engineer role with a systems integrator. I then decided I wanted to gain more experience at a facility and went to work as an engineer at a post-production house. Following that, I moved to Root6 as an engineer, providing onsite and remote support. I also completed installations and configurations of new systems. At Root6 I increased my knowledge and skills working on support escalations and large-scale projects, which carried on through to Jigsaw24 following their acquisition of Root6.”

Leason’s main specialities include:

  • Support escalation.
  • Assistance with planned projects.
  • System configuration and integration.
  • Network architecture.
  • Post-production workflows.


With over 10 years’ experience in post-production and broadcast, Matthew’s expertise spans across a range of solutions - from networking, digital archive, storage, remote editing solutions and asset management. He’s also an Avid ACSR Elite, with a particular focus on Avid NLE, storage and media central systems. He’s been working in the sector from the very beginning of his career, supporting a wide range of M&E projects.

“I initially studied Computing at college and university. My first job was providing IT support for British Telecom. I then moved to become a Junior Support Engineer, supporting post-production and broadcast technologies. I have gone on to build up my skills and experience, working across a wide range of projects and solutions over the years, which I have continued through to the present day at Jigsaw24.”

“Projects vary from large scale newsrooms; broadcasters and posthouses producing film, television and sports content; to charities, corporations and boutique editors.

Whether it’s designing innovative enterprise class systems for large global corporations and educational facilities, or working with boutique creative post-production companies and charities. Matthew is seasoned in designing, installing and supporting a vast range of enterprise systems, working with solutions such as Avid, Nutanix, VMware ESXi and more.

Outside of the exciting world of M&E, Matthew’s biggest loves are music, travel and classic cars.

What areas can you help with?

  • Network architecture.
  • Production workflows.
  • Systems integration.
  • Virtualised workloads.

Get in touch with Matthew on LinkedIn



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