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LaCie storage drives: Which one do you need?

When you buy a storage drive, you want to be sure you’re getting the right kit for the job. With so many different options out there, from speedy SSDs to durable hard drives, you might be forgiven for getting a bit confused when choosing the perfect drive. So today, we’re looking at LaCie’s range of premium storage devices, the options you have and how you should be using them.


Conal Siddall
LaCie’s Rugged range

LaCie’s Rugged drives can certainly take a knock or two. From shoots in the desert to frequent journeys in a photographer’s bag, these tough little cookies are built to withstand all kinds of conditions.

With their IP67-rated extreme water resistance and drop, rain, dust, and crush resistance, Rugged drives are a great choice for those who worry about keeping data secure outside of the safety of the office.


Rugged SSD

The rugged SSD combines the durability of the Rugged range with the ludicrous speeds of a solid state disk. If you routinely transfer large amounts of data from your camera to your computer (such as 4K footage), SSDs are the ideal choice. They are much faster than HDDs (hard disk drives), but they have significantly smaller capacities, and the cost per GB is higher.

Suitable for: Photographers backing up files on site and run and gun videographers.

  • • Transfer and edit RAW 4K video with speeds of up to 950MBps.
  • • USB Type-C interface is universally compatible.
  • • Enjoy extreme ruggedness with an IP67 waterproof rating.
  • • Trek anywhere with three-metre drop and two-tonne car crush resistance.

From £145 (£174 inc VAT)

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Rugged Pro

Rugged SSD Pro utilises the quicker Thunderbolt 3 connection, unleashing speeds five times faster than traditional SATA SSDs like the Rugged SSD shown above, so that you can play back and render the most demanding high bit rate RAW content.

Suitable for: Onsite videographers working with 6K, 8K, and super slo-mo source files.

  • • Thunderbolt 3 SSD speeds of up to 2,800MBps.
  • • Use it seamlessly with USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices.
  • • Enjoy extreme ruggedness with an IP67 waterproof rating.
  • • Trek anywhere with three-metre drop and two-tonne car crush resistance.
  • • Five-year Rescue Data Recovery Services.

From £320 (£384 inc VAT)

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Don’t want to lug about a laptop everywhere you go? The Rugged BOSS (Backup On-Set Solution) SSD is for you. This drive doesn’t need a computer whatsoever thanks to an integrated SD card reader, USB port, status screen, power bank and mobile app. This drive doesn’t offer the speeds of the Rugged SSD or Rugged SSD Pro, but still outperforms standard hard drives by some margin.

Suitable for: Creatives working on a location where you need quick backups but can’t carry a laptop around with you.

  • • Transfer files fast with speeds of up to 400MBps.
  • • Copy files directly via built-in SD card reader and USB port.
  • • Monitor transfers, battery life, and capacity using built-in status screen.
  • • View and manage files on iOS and Android devices using the LaCie BOSS app.
  • • USB Type-C interface is universally compatible.
  • • Trek anywhere with 1.2 metre drop, dust and splash resistance.

From £379 (£454.80 inc VAT)

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DJI Copilot

Like the Rugged Boss, the DJI Copilot is a BOSS drive. However, this is a larger capacity HDD. It has an SD card slot and a USB port to copy files directly from devices, no laptop needed. Plus, you can sort and manage files on the go with the Copilot BOSS app. LaCie don’t list upload and download speeds, but digitaltrends report download speeds around 138MBps and upload speeds of 39MBps.

Suitable for: Photographers who don’t want to carry a laptop around on site for backups.

  • • Copy files directly from drones, memory cards, action cams, DSLR cameras, phones, USB hard drives, USB flash drives, and more.
  • • Monitor or check file transfer status, available capacity, and battery power using the integrated status screen.
  • • Review your footage on your mobile phone or tablet with the Copilot BOSS app.
  • • Use as a backup battery pack for USB chargeable devices.
  • • Drop resistant, splash resistant, dust resistant.
  • • 2000GB (2TB) stores over 60 hours of 4K video.

From £240 (£288 inc VAT)

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The D2 Professional range

The perfect complement to SSD-based laptops and all-in-one computers, the LaCie d2 Professional offers up 14TB of extra storage for professional bandwidth-intensive creative applications. While this drive is not an SSD itself, it features USB C and USB A connectivity for speeds up to 240Mbps. This drive offers great performance, compatibility and the enhanced reliability of an enterprise-class drive all within an all-aluminium unibody enclosure. Options come in 6TB, 8TB, 10TB and 14TB models.

Suitable for: Everyday professional users who want speed, reliability and extra storage space.

  • • Professional speeds of up to 240MBps.
  • • Up to 10TB for large photo and video project storage and archive.
  • • USB-C and USB A ports for compatibility.
  • • Aluminium unibody for reduced noise and vibration.

From £145 (£174 inc VAT)

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The big range

For serious video and photography use cases, LaCie big products deliver enterprise-class reliability and ridiculous speeds. These are the drives you want sat at your desk running the show in the most demanding media workflows. These drives come in a range of options: 1big, 2big, 6big and 12big – the number refers to the amount of individual storage drives you have mounted in the dock at one time.


1big Dock

With modern laptops having fewer and fewer ports, adaptors are becoming a messy nuisance for most desk users. But with the LaCie Big Dock range, you get back USB 3.0, USB 3.1 and dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, SD and CF card slots, plus a DisplayPort for powering your monitor.

Suitable for: Media professionals such as editors, who have large amounts of footage to back up and store, and many devices that need plugging in.

From £270 (£324 inc VAT)

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1big Dock SSD Pro

The Big dock also comes in a 1big Dock SSD Pro version. Equipped with a Seagate FireCuda NVMe SSD, Thunderbolt 3 technology, and cinema-grade card readers for high bitrate footage, you can easily connect peripherals, charge up and crush your deadlines with transfer speeds up to 2800 MBps.

Suitable for: Media professionals who need to move 4k, 6k and 8k video quickly. (And those who need more connectivity from their devices.)

From £1,035 (£1,242 inc VAT)

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The LaCie 2big, 6big and 12big range all feature RAID functionality. 2big offers RAID 0, 1 and JBOD, while the 6big and 12big feature RAID 0, 5 and 6. Each different version offers differing levels of performance, reliability and redundancy – so you can pick a solution that suits your workflow.

If you have extremely bandwidth hungry workflows, you need a big RAID. With their extreme speed, you can work directly from RAW files in Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, browse thousands of RAW and edited images and much more.

Suitable for: Media houses working with huge bandwidth workflows where a quick, reliable backup is essential.

From £314 (£376.80 inc VAT)

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