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AWS Select Service Partner: What our new accreditation means for you

We’ve recently been named an AWS Select Service Partner in acknowledgement of our success so far and the expertise within our team. But what does that mean for you?

Liz Sunter

Well, first of all, it means you’re in safe hands. AWS use their Service Partner programme to acknowledge companies that have successfully implemented a range of solutions and have dedicated, trained AWS engineering expertise on staff. And with a string of successful media workflow transformations behind us and six AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners and Solutions Architects on our team, that’s us.


Why should you trust us with your AWS deployment?

We’ve got a broad AWS skill set in-house, from solution design and deployment through to support. Whatever stage your exploration of cloud workflows has reached and wherever in your media workflow you want to deploy AWS, our experienced team can help you integrate systems, find efficiencies and avoid pitfalls.

What can we help with?

Current and emerging workflows we’ve helped our customers deploy AWS for include:

·      Spinning up virtual workstations on demand.

·      Provisioning EditShare EFSv virtual storage and editing environments in the public cloud.

·      Hosting virtualised workstations, delivered to end users using Teradici CAS+.

·      Hosting Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and other NLE applications in the cloud.

·      Hosting Gallery Sienna NDI.

·      Using LucidLink to interface with AWS S3 cloud storage.

·      Providing native AWS MediaLive services, including streaming straight to cloud using AWS Link encoders.

·      Interfacing with hybrid or on-prem cloud environments and services, such as Nutanix.

·      Migrating current on-premise workloads to a hybrid or cloud-native deployment.

Our close working relationships with key vendors like Avid, Adobe, Blackmagic Design, EditShare, Haivision, Nutanix and Amulet Hotkey mean that whatever workflow you currently favour, we can help you make the move to AWS seamless.


Solution spotlight: Cloud workflows for remote post, featuring EditShare and AWS

Sending media out to remote workers is risky – your files may be lost, stolen, damaged or leaked en route, or picked off a poorly-secured home network. It also makes maintaining a cohesive workflow difficult, as assets can’t be shared among team members or move along the chain from ingest to edit in a timely manner, and it can be difficult to ensure all work has been backed up, archived or secured sufficiently.

By combining EditShare’s on-premise EFS storage with a virtual EFSv deployment hosted in AWS, you can create a simple, synchronised workflow that makes it easier to:

  • Backup on-premise files to the cloud.
  • Sync in-cloud and on-premise storage.
  • Provide a proxy workflow that won’t run up download or access fees from your cloud provider.
  • Move distributed workers to a hybrid or cloud-first workflow to ensure parity of access and improve version control.
  • Move archived projects from Tier 1 storage to a less expensive cloud archive.

Download our whitepaper here to find out how to get started.

Key partner: LucidLink

Already using AWS cloud storage and looking for a way to make your workflow more efficient? LucidLink is a fantastic cloud NAS solution that allows every creative on your network to see your cloud storage as if it’s a local drive, and then add to it and edit from it in realtime. No tedious waiting for uploads or downloads, no version control confusion – just seamless collaboration.


And don’t forget Elemental Link…

AWS Elemental Link is a small encoding device that connects a live video source, like a camera or video production equipment, to AWS Elemental MediaLive hosted in AWS. Link devices offer a configuration-free, cost-efficient way to securely and reliably transfer video into MediaLive or other media services hosted in AWS.

We are the exclusive partner for Elemental Link in the UK, which means when you order from us, your Link hardware can arrive next business day, pre-provisioned in your AWS Console and ready to go.

Find out more about our AWS offering here.


Want to know more about how we can support your AWS deployment? Get in touch with the team on 03332 409 210 or email broadcast@Jigsaw24.  Alternatively, drop your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch. Keep up with the latest news by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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