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A Mac-based music department at Rugby School
A Mac-based music department at Rugby School Michael Martin, music teacher at Rugby School, Warwickshire, introduced the school’s first suite of Macs in 1994 to expand the...
Adobe Connect Pro at University of Glasgow
Adobe Connect Pro at University of Glasgow The Medical School at the University of Glasgow needed an online web?conferencing solution to be used as part of a 3-year postgraduate programme. After...
Demystifying 3D for students
Demystifying 3D for students Are you starting sixth form, college or university in September? If so, read on as this article will clear up some common misconceptions about the world of 3d modelling, and will offer sound advice for anyone just starting out.??..
Games development in education
Games development in education New college and university courses and talk of A-levels and GCSEs based on games development are hot topics at the moment. As games development and the integration of 3D animation in everyday life is growing exponentially, there's no greater time to let student imaginations run wild by letting them create and develop their own video games...
Recording and broadcasting lessons at St George's College
Recording and broadcasting lessons at St George's College St George’s were looking at expanding the reach of their lectures and wanted to find a way of recording and broadcasting their lessons to students at...
Creating impressive digital signage at St Paul's High School
Creating impressive digital signage at St Paul's High School St Paul’s Catholic High School wanted to impress with a new digital signage system. We supplied them with all the knowledge, support and equipment they...
Make your own TV channel
Make your own TV channel Educational Youtube-style projects are quickly becoming a popular way to incorporate creative technologies into curricular and extra-curricular activities, and it's easier than you may think to set up your own channel. There are many companies offering schools the equipment, platforms and training required to create a...