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The ultimate guide to remote teaching: How to engage with your students outside the classroom

Teaching remotely can be a scary concept, and for many it’ll be an entirely new experience that means working in different ways. So we’re rounding up some of the ways you can use technology to support remote learning.


In an ideal world you would have a system in place whereby you would be using a workflow solution like Showbie, Apple Schoolwork or Microsoft Teams for Education to communicate and share work with students. If not, you can still use tools built into devices to create content, which we’ll run through in this article. 


Which are the best devices?

You’re probably going to want to use the devices you’re familiar with, as it’ll help you adjust to changes easier. And many of the devices teachers already use are capable of supporting remote teaching workflows. If you have access to iPad or a Mac notebook, you have the perfect devices to support learning at home.

iPad has many tools that allow you to connect and communicate with students remotely.

Built-in apps like iMessage and FaceTime are brilliant for communicating with students and having face to face conversations about an assignment. Mac notebooks are another great weapon to have in your arsenal, as they can remotely connect to Apple services such as Apple Classroom and Apple Schoolwork (we’ll cover these later). They’re also jam packed with features that make remote working easier, with long battery lives, high quality screens and free iCloud storage with your Apple account for backing up files.

However, you may want to pair your MacBook with some form of physical storage, whether that’s a USB or a hard drive, to make sure you can keep a physical back up of resources or assignments as this could help you out in an emergency.


How can you deliver learning to students?

There will be many students who don't have access to the same tools at home as they have at school, so you need to provide them with the most simple and efficient solution for remote learning. You could provide them with recorded lessons, or capture videos of documents with voice overs explaining tasks or key information that they can access from any device – it also means students are more likely to understand the task you’re giving them. Here’s a quick guide to creating dynamic lesson content for your students with iPad.


How to set up simple and effective screen recording on iPad

To set up screen recording on your iPad, tap on Settings, then tap Control Centre and then customise controls. Tap on the green plus sign next to screen recording to add your short cut.

To start screen recording, swipe down with one finger from the top right corner of your iPad. Make sure the microphone is on by holding down the screen record button and toggling the microphone button. Once you’ve recorded your clip, the video is saved to your camera roll and is ready to share.

With this, there are loads of possibilities, whether you record yourself talking over a Keynote slide about a historical event, open up Notes and use it as a whiteboard to create character diagram for an English lesson, or record yourself explaining tasks on a worksheet when giving out homework.


How can I send and receive assignments and feedback?

You can always send work over email, but the best way to hand out assignments is by using an app that helps you track how students are progressing through work. We recommend Apple Schoolwork for iPad deployments where every student has a personal device (1:1), or Showbie for students using their own devices at home.

Apple Schoolwork

If your class are using 1:1 Apple devices (one device per student) they can access at home, Apple Schoolwork is a great app for giving out assignments. You can easily distribute and collect assignments, keep an eye on student progress in educational apps in real time. A big benefit of Schoolwork is that you can launch specific apps from within it easily on everyone’s iPad.

Once you’ve sent students handouts using Schoolwork, you can collaborate with your students on handout activities in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. While students are working in a collaborative file, you can view, edit, add comments, and even record audio to provide realtime feedback and help them along the way.


Showbie combines all of the essential tools for assignments, feedback and communication in one easy-to-use app, and it’s available for iPad, Mac and almost any other device. The app’s tools make it easy to give rich, differentiated feedback to students of all learning abilities, so everyone gets the help they need to succeed. This is a great option if your students are using different devices, as it has many of the same great features of Apple Schoolwork but can also be accessed from a PC or even a phone.


How we can help

Over the last few months, our education team have been busy supporting schools to prepare work for students to complete at home. We can share with you real examples of how we’ve helped those schools to make it easier for you to adjust. While we know remote teaching is difficult our team are here to support you. We can give you useful recommendations on how to use both hardware and software to connect with students share assignments and improve your remote teaching workload.


If you want to know more about remote teaching with Apple devices, get in touch with our team on 03332 409 290 or email For the latest news, follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

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