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Remote learning: Our favourite Apple devices for keeping students connected

With self-isolation ramping up and school closures becoming a real possibility, it’s time to think about what you’d need to deliver lessons remotely. If you’re already using Apple devices in your classroom, great – Apple have some official recommendations as to how you should prep them for home use. But for everyone looking at iOS devices for the first time, here are our top picks…

Liz Sunter
Apple iPad 10.2”

With its new, larger Retina display and compatibility with Apple’s Smart Keyboard and Pencil, the latest iPad is a great replacement for classroom desktops and laptops. (It also comes with a powerful Fusion chip, so you can play back rich media and power through creative work just like a notebook or desktop computer would.)

And because iPadOS has powerful device management tools built in, you’ll be able to monitor and administer the whole deployment centrally, making it easy to install user profiles for different age groups, protect student data, and push out the apps and resources that are essential for learning.

As if you needed an extra incentive, the 10.2” iPad currently comes with an exclusive education discount, meaning it’s yours from just £252 ex VAT.

See all iPads for education.


Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard

Designed by Apple to work seamlessly with iPad, the Pencil and Smart Keyboard transform your tablet into a sketchpad or laptop depending on your needs. Apple Pencil has multiple levels of pressure sensitivity and a truly remarkable response time, so any creative work you do feels as natural as sketching with pencil and paper, while the magnetic Smart Keyboard gives you access to a full keyboard for long form writing.

This is the setup we use in our team when we’re working remotely, and having the Smart Keyboard and Pencil definitely helps us complete a wider variety of tasks more quickly than we would otherwise. A worthwhile investment if you want to keep productivity high and frustration low!

Grab yourself an Apple Pencil.

Tap us for a Smart Keyboard.



If you’re replacing in-person lessons and lectures with virtual meetings, doling out AirPods to staff and students is a quick way to sidestep any audio issues. For one thing, they’re good headphones, but for another, AirPods have a high quality mic built in. That means there’s no need for lecturers to worry about using external mics or battling their computer’s audio settings – they can just plug in their AirPods and start talking as if they were making a hands-free call.

Shop AirPods


MacBook Air

Many of our education customers already equip teachers with MacBook Air, as it’s lightweight, powerful and compatible with the iOS apps and devices students use.

Armed with a MacBook Air, teachers can monitor, set work for and give feedback to students using iOS apps to learn, while at the same time being able to access all the productivity tools they need to plan lessons, assess students and schedule their day. And don’t worry if you’re a committed Office user – MacBook Air (and in fact the whole Apple range) is compatible with Office. Alternatively, use the free equivalents included in macOS.

Macs’ built-in virus protection also offers peace of mind while staff are on networks other than your own, protecting them from malicious attacks over open networks and safeguarding your student data.

See our MacBook Air range.

A dedicated monitor

Sitting hunched in over your laptop day in, day out is not fun for your spine, so we’d recommend a dedicated display for any staff working from home for the long term. As well as giving you more screen space for multi-tasking, dedicated displays can be helpful when you’re delivering remote lectures – you can share content from one display while using the other as a prompter or to review in-lecture feedback.

While this may sound expensive, we have plenty of economical options, including the currently discounted Eizo FlexScan EV2450, which is just £175 ex VAT until the end of the month.

Save on the Eizo FlexScan EV2450 in March, or get in touch with us for more budget-friendly options.

External mouse and laptop stand

If your teachers are new to Mac, or used to working with desktop models, equipping them with an external mouse will definitely help them get up to speed more quickly. Apple’s Magic Mouse is responsive, has a long battery life, and each user can customise its controls to suit their way of working, so it’s a great all-rounder.

Get your Magic Mouse.

And if you’re worried that working with your notebook perched on a motley collection of coffee tables, kitchen tops and sofa arms is going to be an ergonomic nightmare, save yourself the neck ache and pick up a Griffin Notebook Elevator Stand for just £30 ex VAT.

Buy the Griffin Notebook Elevator Stand.


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