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Managed iPad services: Essential for schools in 2021

With COVID-19 leading to widespread remote and hybrid learning, the importance of managing your school’s devices so they have the right apps installed, appropriate content restrictions for safeguarding purposes, and are as secure as possible to protect privacy and data has become clearer than ever…

Mike Laskey

Providing suitable technology for students and staff can have a big impact on teaching and learning. Apple’s iPad has become a particularly popular choice in education because devices are easy to use, familiar to many and highly cost-effective for schools to adopt – and as our Impact Report shows, we’ve seen first hand how they can make a significant difference to progression and development while also allowing for the saving of thousands of pounds per year.

But getting Apple technology provision right is about more than merely buying hardware and giving it to students and teachers, or adopting a parental contribution programme for iPad like the one that helped Stephenson Memorial Primary School achieve their best-ever SAT results. Devices must be managed effectively so you can stay in complete control, maintain strong security and provide great user experiences that transform teaching and learning.

Learning from lockdown

The introduction of lockdown measures has prompted institutions and trusts at all levels to review their existing equipment, as plenty of teachers realise that they are short on devices, only have desktops or bulky laptops, or are currently locking devices away in cupboards on site overnight rather than allowing students to take them home. 

Not surprisingly, Apple technology – and especially iPad – are incredibly attractive to schools. Unlike cumbersome computers, they provide easy mobility, a vast range of intuitive apps and the potential to free up large amounts of on-premises space. Nevertheless, some misconceptions about iPad being more difficult to manage in a traditional IT environment do remain, even though the real story couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s true that setting up, deploying and managing every iPad in your estate can take time, and it may be a new challenge for your school’s IT teams if they lack experience or expertise with Apple technology. But with our Device Management for Schools service, you can let the Apple experts handle everything for a seamless experience based on best practice.

Device Management for Schools is designed to meet the needs of multi-academy trusts and schools at all levels of education. Through the service, we provide extensive technical support and full device management for iPads deployed in class sets or on a 1:1 basis, all delivered by our education technology experts, each of whom is an Apple specialist.

Using industry-leading mobile device management software from Jamf, we make sure all your iPads arrive ready for staff and students to use right out of the box, with the right restrictions in place for safety and security. App installations and software updates are all taken care of remotely on an ongoing basis, and devices can also be locked and tracked if they are lost or stolen.

Focus on teaching and learning

The solution gives your staff and students technology that’s proven to improve teaching and learning, while your senior leadership and IT teams enjoy the peace of mind that your devices are being managed by an Apple Authorised Education Specialist on an ongoing basis. Over the decades we’ve earned a track record in education, enterprise (we’re also an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller) and the public sector, with extensive experience and a reassuring reputation for service quality.

Device Management for Schools lets your school focus on teaching and learning, no matter whether it’s happening on site, remotely or in a hybrid model. We’ve already seen the impact for ourselves in the schools we work with across the country, with iPad helping to increase engagement, progression and development while benefiting from improved wellbeing and providing leading assistive technologies to SEND students.

Another key benefit is that the service eliminates labour-intensive tasks and frees up your IT resource, lessening the burden so they can concentrate on the work that really matters.

Could your school use technology in a better way? It’s a question many teachers are considering as we progress through 2021 and learn some of the lessons of the last year.

And if the answer is yes, Device Management for Schools may be the easiest, most convenient and most cost-effective to help improve your provision quickly – and develop progression and success for decades to come. 

Want to know more about Device Management for Schools or 1:1 iPad? Fill in the form below or speak to our experts on 03332 409 290 or For the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn,  Facebook and Twitter.

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