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How Apple Teacher can help you integrate technology into your teaching

Now we’re all getting used to working from home, it’s a great time to take advantage of the lack of classroom disturbances to build on your digital skills with Apple Teacher. Not only will it help you use technology like iPad and Mac to enhance your teaching, but it can also help you use the built-in productivity tools to reduce your workload. It’s free, self-guided and all completed remotely, so what better time to take part in the Apple Teacher programme than now?


Conal Siddall

If you haven’t already heard of it, Apple Teacher is a free professional learning programme designed to support educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. In this guide, we’ll show you all the benefits of the Apple Teacher programme and how to get started for yourself.


How does Apple Teacher help you?

The Apple Teacher Learning Centre is full of resources and tutorials for using iPad, Mac and Apple better. It guides you through key apps like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand and iMovie, and how to use them effectively in the classroom. There’re more than 120 skill-building lessons that include guided tutorials, ideas on how to apply them in lessons, and inspiration on how to go further with each new skill you learn.

In the Learning Centre, you’ll find sections for learning skills on iPad and on Mac. Each section has over 60 different tutorials that will help you learn new skills for the devices and the different apps available. Under new skills there are three sections: try it (testing the skill), apply it (how to use it in the classroom), and going further (looking at a separate skill that links to the one you’ve developed).

When you’ve completed the lessons, interactive quizzes in the Learning Centre let you test your knowledge. And when you pass a quiz, you earn a new badge. Earn all six badges for either iPad or Mac and you can become a recognised Apple Teacher. You’ll be rewarded with an official Apple Teacher logo, an Apple Teacher profile frame to use in social media and a personalised printable certificate you can display.


How do I access Apple Teacher?

Apple Teacher is entirely free, and you can create an account easily by signing up to the web browser portal. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to access the dashboard, which has links to all the lessons and guides, and shows information on how you’re progressing. There’s also a news section, which keeps you up to date on all the latest changes and any new courses you can sink your teeth into.

One important thing to note is that you can only sign up using a personal Apple ID. Schools using Apple School Manager may have Managed IDs (accounts linked to the school) for their teachers, so they’ll have to create a personal account to get started. To create a personal account, visit this link then click ‘Do not have an Apple ID? Create yours now.’


How schools are implementing this

How you choose to use the programme is entirely up to you. In the schools we work with, some let staff do it in their own time, some do them in staff meetings together. We advise not doing too many in one go, doing it maybe once a week and sharing resources based on the next weekly training course. For example, you can create a document in Pages talking about your learning and ideas that you can share with other staff to support them.

If you want training your teachers, our Apple Professional Learning Specialists can lead on these activities if you don’t have the internal expertise.


What are teachers saying about Apple Teacher programme?


Next steps

After you’ve completed Apple Teacher, you should have a strong level of digital literacy and you’re probably ready to start embedding technology into the wider curriculum. So speak to us about our coaching and mentoring programme. These guided sessions are entirely tailored to your needs and how you envision technology playing a part in the classroom. These are especially useful when you are planning a new deployment of devices like iPad.

Take a look at our report on the impact of 1:1 iPad in schools to see how iPad programmes are supporting learners in classrooms across the UK. In there, you’ll find data on how embedding technology into teaching and learning has affected test scores and engagement for students from all backgrounds.


Jigsaw24 will support you

If there’s one thing we have learned, it’s that taking on a professional learning programme can be a daunting task. Our fully accredited Apple Professional Learning Specialists (Apple Teachers themselves) can help integrate iPad across the curriculum and deliver one to one training and support through our professional development services.

We can even come to your school and help you plan a school-wide iPad scheme, which will help you take advantage of the latest technology to support better teaching and learning.

The Apple Teacher programme is a great place to start for any teacher. Our professional development team have done the course themselves, and we recommend it to any teacher who wants to do more with Apple technology. Not only is it a great in-depth programme, but when we know that teachers have completed Apple Teacher, we know they’re ready to start implementing technology into the curriculum.


If you want to know more about Apple Teacher or our training services, get in touch with the team on03332 409 290 or email For the latest news, follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

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