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Unleash your students’ inner artist with Everyone Can Create: Drawing On iPad

We’re looking at Apple’s latest education initiative, the Everyone Can Create Apple Books series, which is designed to help students unleash their creativity throughout the school day by teaching them skills in art, music, video and photography. This week, we’re checking out the Everyone Can Create: Drawing On iPad guide.


Conal Siddall

What is Everyone Can Create?

The Everyone Can Create series aims to give beginners and experienced students alike the opportunity to learn creative skills through drawing, music, video and photography on iPad. By unleashing the creativity of students through interactive exercises, they’ll learn how to develop and communicate ideas, become better problem solvers and discover new ways they can leave their mark on the world.


Drawing On iPad

Everyone Can Create: Drawing On iPad is a comprehensive guide full of activities and projects that develops different artistic techniques using iPad. The activities use Apple’s free, built-in apps (Keynote, Pages, Camera and Photos), and a free drawing app, Tayasui Sketches School, which combine to help develop students’ confidence with different creative techniques and styles using apps they’ll already be familiar with.


What’s in the guide?

Working through the chapters, students will have the opportunity to learn techniques for creating various types of artwork, including doodle art, landscapes, portraits, architectural design, logos, infographics and more. Through the wide range of activities, students will discover art forms they might not have been interested in, learn new creative ways to express themselves and reveal undiscovered abilities.


Each chapter starts by laying out clear objectives for the student, so they will easily understand what they need to do and what the purpose of each task they complete is. There are then a set of easy to follow activities where the projects are broken down into clear steps, with screen shots and illustrations to help guide the reader along the way. As students complete all the activities in a chapter, they’ll build a range of skills that they can use to complete each chapter’s final project.

The first chapter teaches students the concepts and techniques used when creating word art. Students start off the with the basics, drawing freehand circles and making lines and patterns, before building on all the skills they’ll learn in the chapter to complete an expressive piece of word art. Best of all, these activities and projects can all be utilised as part of your lessons, by using the resources and integration ideas in the free Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide.


The Teacher Guide

The Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide is an accompaniment to the Apple Books in the Everyone Can Create series. It gives teachers extra tips and resources for using the guides in their lessons. The drawing chapter gives you a clear set of objectives for lessons and explains why each of the skills are important. The aims of the projects are also explained, followed by different examples of how you could use the techniques in lessons across the curriculum. So, for teachers using the free Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide, incorporating the series into your lessons is easy.

You can download the Everyone Can Create: Drawing On iPad guide here.

You can download the Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide here.


The kit you’ll need

The only essential kit for using this guide is an iPad running iOS 11 or later, and the free Apple Books from the app store. Students can complete all of the activities using only their fingers, but for the most accurate drawing experience on iPad, the Apple Pencil is the perfect accessory. If your students are younger and holding the slim Apple pencil is difficult, the Logitech Crayon has a larger, child-friendly design and works perfectly with iPad. If you don’t have a full class set of iPads available in your school, get in touch with our team to see if we can help you out.


If you want to know more about Apple’s Everyone Can Create series, get in touch with the team by filling out the form, calling 03332 409 290 or emailing For the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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