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Prepare your #FutureTalent for… Playing with the big kids

The media sector is one of the UK’s fastest-growing areas of employment, and we’re on track to become Europe’s biggest media and entertainment market by 2025. But to stay on top, we need to make sure we’re equipping the next generation of animators, broadcasters, filmmakers, and journalists with tools that aren’t just current now, but will make sure their skillset stays relevant long into the future...

Liz Sunter

For older students who are keen to work on more complex projects, our Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, Sebastian, recommends the free version of Resolve with Mac. Resolve started life as the media industry’s most powerful colour grading tool (it’s won major awards for technical innovation) but in recent years it’s added tools for editing, audio mixing and even doing VFX into its toolset. That means your students can add professional polish to every element of their project from within a single app – which has a powerful free version available.

“MacBook Air and DaVinci Resolve are the perfect duo for secondary students wanting to get into media. The free version of Resolve has 99% of the professional features and runs 3x faster on the new M1 Macs, so you can even edit 8Kvideo on the go,” explains Sebastian.

“It’s the perfect place to start for students who want to get to grips with more advanced video editing, colour grading, audio mixing and compositing without having to invest in multiple pieces of software, learn them all, and figure out how to make sure projects are compatible across all of them – you don’t want to waste your limited lesson time waiting for files to convert.

“And while it’s natural to be worried about taking on a new platform like this, there are lots of YouTube tutorials and forums online to help you get started, and that give students the opportunity to start interacting with the industry.”

It’s time to prepare your #FutureTalent. Find out how to take your media skills to the next level with Jigsaw24. Call the team on 03332 409 290 or email For the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn,  Facebook and Twitter.

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