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Discover the secrets behind perfect pictures with Everyone Can Create: Photo On iPad

The Everyone Can Create Apple Books series is designed to help students unleash their creativity throughout the school day by teaching them key skills in art, music, video and photography. In our latest review, we’re looking at the Photo On iPad guide.


Conal Siddall

What is Everyone Can Create?

The Everyone Can Create series aims to give beginners and experienced students alike the opportunity to learn creative skills through drawing, music, video and photos on iPad. Unleashing the creativity of students will help them develop and communicate ideas, become better problem solvers and discover new ways they can leave their mark on the world.


But Everyone Can Create isn’t only for creative subjects, each guide is full of tips for integrating iPad and media-rich resources into different subject areas. And, with the DFE and Ofsted now looking to integrate creativity back into the classroom by only giving an ‘outstanding’ grade to schools promoting creative and technical subjects, making creative resources for different subject areas is going to be more important than ever.


Everyone Can Create: Photo On iPad

For any student who is new to photography and wants to develop their skills, this guide is a great foundation for taking stunning photos, and teaches them many of the fundamental skills they’ll need to become great photographers. The clear language and illustrations in the guide help learners of all ages and abilities pick up techniques quickly and apply the methods to their own work, using iPad’s free, built-in apps (Camera, Photos, Keynote and Pages).


What’s in the guide?

This guide explores the fundamentals of photography and helps students practice techniques for using their images to tell stories and capturing dynamic scenes. Students will get the opportunity to create a personified picture, a story in a single moment, a photo documentary and much more. During these activities, students will learn to apply basic principles of photography and design to their work, and create amazing images that are worth more than a thousand words.


In chapter three, Scenes, students learn to shoot amazing landscape photography, combining setting, characters and props into a single landscape photo to tell a story. The series of activities will teach them key photography techniques, like leading lines, the rule of thirds and how to apply filters to establish a mood. These then culminate into a final project to create a ‘story in one photo’, which requires all the skills they’ve learnt in the activities.


The Teacher Guide

The Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide is an accompaniment to the books in the Everyone Can Create series, and shows different ways teachers can apply the Everyone Can Create guides to their own lessons. It features integration ideas for how you can apply the projects to different lessons, such using portraits to teach symmetry in maths.

You can download the Everyone Can Create: Photo On iPad guide here. 

You can download the Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide here. 


The kit you’ll need

The only essential kit for using this guide is an iPad with iOS 11 or later, and the free Apple Books from the app store. Students can complete all of the activities using only their fingers, but for the most accurate drawing experience on iPad, the Apple Pencil is the perfect accessory. If your school has its own cameras, you can easily transfer photos onto students’ iPads using iCloud, AirDrop, or by simply connecting the iPad to an SD card reader.


If you wanted to transport your students to different worlds, you could always invest in green screen equipment, which will allow you to edit in any background you want into your images. Our green screen bundle includes a tripod, foldable blue/green reversible screen with support stand, tie clip microphone, headphones, adaptor and a small portable LED light – for just £499 ex VAT!


If you want to know more about Apple’s Everyone Can Create series, get in touch with the team by filling out the form, calling 03332 409 290 or emailing For the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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