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Our CPD training workshops: What to expect

If you've booked some CPD training at your school, or are heading down to our place for a session, here's a bit more information about what to expect on the day, from computing to movie-making. We've broken down the focus of each workshop, the key areas covered, and what kind of skill level you will need, so you can prepare yourself, or swot up a bit beforehand. Remember, all our training is delivered by our qualified, in-house Apple Education Trainers, and you can sign up below!

Introduction to iPad in the primary classroom

Focus: This practical workshop demonstrates how the iPad can be used effectively within a classroom environment. Staff will gain an understanding of the fundamental tools such as the evidence capture, sharing exemplar pupil work and accessing teaching and learning resources.

Skill level: The workshop assumes no prior knowledge of iPad and is suitable for beginners.

Key areas:

• Understand basic tools and functionality of iPad.

• Using iPad to demonstrate learning on digital displays/whiteboards.

• Capturing pupil evidence in class.

• Providing feedback for modelling.


Introduction to iPad in the EYFS/KS1 Classroom

Focus: This workshop targets the unique challenges that teachers are likely to face in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 classroom. It helps build attendees’ confidence and competence when using iPad, while providing lesson ideas and recommending apps to support their curriculum delivery.

Skill level: The workshop assumes no prior knowledge of iPad and is suitable for beginners.

Key areas: 

• Explore built-in tools to support young learners.

• Use iPad to capture evidence and record student progress.

• Ideas for improving literacy, language and numeracy skills.


iPad in the primary computing curriculum

Focus: This workshop allows participants to learn skills, explore activities and investigate lesson ideas that will help them deliver the new 2014 primary computing curriculum using iPad. This hands-on session will allow you to experience apps and workflows that promote relevant skills, such as logical thought, creating simple algorithms and developing computer programs.

Skill level: You will benefit from previous experience of iPad.

Key areas:

• Explore the current programme of study.

• Develop ideas for programming.

• Understand assessment techniques for the computing curriculum.

• Explore computing apps and develop lesson ideas.


Maths on iPad

Focus: This workshop covers tools that help enhance and transform the teaching of mathematics with iPad. This session explores third party apps, allowing students to show their understanding, track progress and investigate new methods to demonstrate learning. It also covers tools to support theorems and mathematical content and considers how the 'flipped learning' model combined with real world problems can enhance students' critical thinking and maths skills.

Skill level: This workshop does require previous knowledge of iPad and basic ICT skills

Key areas:

• Use Apple tools to enhance the application of real world problems.

• Explore maths-specific apps.

• Explore ways of providing rich and relevant feedback.

• Learn how to structure scaffolds to extend and support all learners.

• Capture evidence of student progress.


Assessment tools on iPad

Focus: This workshop allows teachers to gain experience in using iPad to develop ways of embedding assessment activities, ideas and tools based around assessment for learning strategies. You will experience a range of tools and techniques that will allow you to develop cohesive and ongoing self, peer, formative and summative assessment skills.

Skill level: You will benefit from previous experience of iPad.

Key areas:

• Ideas for pre and post learning tasks.

• Tools which auto-mark and provide instant feedback.

• Using a range of apps that allow students to self-reflect and improve their work.

• Tools that develop conversational and developmental marking.


Supporting all learners with iPad

Focus: This workshop is designed to showcase the built-in accessibility features provided with iPad to support all learners, including those with a variety of different needs, including SEND. This hands-on session will allow participants to explore how they can use third party apps to support student access to lesson content, demonstrate understanding and revisit and reflect on what has been taught.

Skill level: The workshop assumes no prior knowledge of iPad and is suitable for beginners.

Key areas: 

• Use basic functions of the device.

• Explore built-in accessibility features.

• Address different learning styles.

• Explore apps to support SEND learners in mainstream education.

• Examine different ways of assessing and leaving feedback.


Movie-making and green screen techniques with iPad

Focus: This workshop will introduce you to the power of using movie making combined with green screen techniques to inspire young minds. You will explore activities and lesson ideas using these techniques, and discover how easy it is to implement them in your classroom to support a wide range of learning situations.

Skill level: You will benefit from previous experience of iPad.

Key areas:

• Making movies and trailers on iPad.

• Capturing and editing footage.

• Using a green screen.

• Exploring virtual worlds.

• Lesson ideas and sample activities.


Want to book some CPD sessions?

As well as being able to book CPD sessions onsite at your school, we’re hosting 12 half-day CPD sessions at our Nottingham HQ. These sessions cost £75 per person, per session, and if you pop your details in the form on our Events page here, someone will be in touch to confirm your details and arrange payment.

Wednesday 6th May & Wednesday 17th June

9.00-12.00 Introduction to iPad in the primary classroom

12.30-3.30 Introduction to iPad in the EYFS/KS1 classroom

Wednesday 13th May & Wednesday 1st July

9.00-12.00 Maths on iPad

12.30-3.30 Primary computing curriculum with iPad

Tuesday 19th May & Wednesday 8th July

9.00-12.00 Assessment tools on iPad

12.30-3.30 Supporting SEND pupils with iPad


Want to know more or sign up for our CPD training sessions? Get in touch with the team on 03332 409 306, email, follow @Jigsaw24Edu on Twitter or ‘Like’ our Facebook page for all the latest technology in education news, reviews and articles.