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Making an excellent system better, the latest version of the TrilbyTV app

TrilbyTV have just released their new iPad app. As an easy-to-use signage system for schools, TrilbyTV has transformed school screens from outdated slideshows controlled by IT technicians, into interactive displays showcasing a range of content controlled by teachers and students. Our Senior Education Manager Rob Williams trialled the new app, and tells us what he thinks of the new features…


Conal Siddall

What were your first thoughts when using the new app?

It’s very fast. I found the app phenomenally easy to use, it’s quick and intuitive. Typically, the problem with digital signage solutions is that they need a technician to operate them. TrilbyTV is so simple anybody can run it, from the teachers to the receptionist – even a student could do it.


What can you do with the app?

You can run your whole signage system from the app, which is really useful for anyone on the move. What content is displayed where is controlled by chosen administrators. Anybody can upload a video, but as an admin, you look at videos people upload and choose whether to approve them or not. If somebody has just uploaded a video onto the system, you can tag which screen you want it to play on, click the tick box to approve it and it’s there.

Adding other content like a Twitter feed is really easy as well. You just type in the username you want to follow and it’s up in ten seconds. You can have the Twitter feed as well as other web content and a title screen, so it plays a little bit of Twitter, a few videos and then a title screen.


What’s new in the iPad app?

If someone is using a Mac or PC, they can still use TrilbyTV in the same way as before. But if you also have an iPad, you can manage your content anywhere – where you have your iPad, you can do it. You might be in the middle of a parents evening and hear people are talking about a school trip, you can then instantly put video content up from that trip, without even leaving the room.

The admins can actually give access to students as well, without giving them admin rights. So, if students have the app on their iPads, they can upload content directly into the video library, which can then be approved and used by the admin.

The more iPads are used by students, the more videos they create. Now, when there’s a piece of really good work, they can use it across the school. And it couldn’t be easier, there’s no more taking files off of a computer, taking it to the teacher, who then has to go to the technician and ask to get it up. They can just upload it directly into the system, and the admin can hit the tick mark and it’s up on the screen.


How does this version of the app differ to others?

We haven’t had an app for some time. The previous version was designed around Trilby version three, so you couldn’t get access to the new features when version four was released. This app really does complete the interface, you have full access to the latest features right in your hand.


What is the overall user experience like?

The UI is great, it’s stripped back and does its job well. There are only three tabs along the bottom, two of which are important when uploading and choosing content. Feed, which lets you see the videos, approve them and choose where to send them, and Players, which lets you interface directly with each screen.

From a student point of view, it’s a great way of having a library of video content to access whenever they need to. Although it’s not designed as a library, it can serve a really useful purpose in giving students access to each other’s work quickly and easily. It’s almost like a private YouTube. Plus, only content which has been approved is available for students to view, which means students can’t see out of date or inappropriate content.


How can Trilby benefit schools?

The main thing it was designed for was to create fresh and exciting content on the screens in reception. Trilby were fed up of seeing screens that had boring content or weren’t even switched on at all. All schools can benefit, because it’s how they present themselves to visitors. Screens are so cheap now that almost all schools can have a screen in reception. If they can have fresh content always on there, it’s fantastic. Even if there is another signage platform they use, this is so simple, so quick, I’d encourage anyone to take the free trial and see what it’s all about.


If you want to transform your digital signage, you can get a free 30-day trial to see the great benefits of TrilbyTV in your school. Follow this link here to learn more about how to access your free trial.

If you want to talk to one of our team about TrilbyTV, fill in the form below, get in touch by email or phone 03332 409 290. For the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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