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Apple in the classroom: Using iPad as a remote tool

As a result of lockdown, many schools had to adjust their teaching methods to accommodate for remote learning. But can institutions keep themselves prepared for future disruption without having to buy technology they won’t use often? With iPad, the answer is yes. Here’s how iPad can support your daily teaching and learning and keep you connected remotely whenever you need…


Conal Siddall

Why is iPad great for the classroom?

In modern classrooms, iPad is the ideal device to take student learning further. With large immersive displays, Multi-Touch technology and a user-friendly design that’s easy to hold and control for students and teachers alike. Best of all, the long battery life and powerful hardware means your teaching is not going to be held up by slow devices.

iPadOS is the operating system that runs every iPad. It puts the user experience first and makes iPad an amazing choice for students of any age. Split View lets students view two apps at the same time, so they can watch an instructional video while working on a presentation, while the built-in dictionary helps students learn the definition and pronunciation of words instantly.

In fact, our 1:1 Impact Report of iPad in UK classrooms has shown that iPad improves student engagement, reduces paper-based handouts, enables offsite work and helps teachers assess students quicker and more efficiently! Click here to request a copy for yourself.


The different iPad versions available

There are various models of iPad, each with its own benefits, so teachers should be kitted out with the one that works best for them.

iPad Air is a large-screen device with a bit less power than its Pro counterpart but offers more affordability. With a 10-hour battery life, it’s able to handle a full day in the classroom with no charging needed. The powerfulA10 bionic chip means it’s able to power through any classroom apps with ease.

iPad mini might come in a small package, but the power inside is still mighty. With a thin, light and portable design, weighing just 300g and measuring just 6.1mm, this is the perfect device for carrying around. If you need a device that can run your classroom apps and keep you connected while on the go, this is the one for you.

iPad Pro is the best option if you want complete performance for multiple classroom apps throughout the day. It lets you run immersive AR content, use the wide and ultra-wide camera lenses for capturing images, and features an eight-core GPU that makes it more powerful than most Windows PCs. This device is perfect if you’re looking to completely replace your notebooks.


Key apps and resources you can use

Apple offers amazing apps and resources you can take advantage of in and out of the classroom. Apple Classroom is an all in one solution for managing your students’ devices. Whether students are using their own iPad or sharing in their bubbles, Classroom puts you in control: view the screen of every device, lock students into an app, open specific textbook pages, share student work to your board and much more. When you teach remotely with Apple Classroom, you can control the students’ learning much more easily.

The Everyone Can Create guides are a free set of resources to help you ignite the creativity in every student. The projects in the guides teach students to explore and communicate their ideas through pictures, videos, music and art using their iPads. And they help you teach these skills in any lesson, for any year group. Take a look at our education articles section for some lesson guides using the Everyone Can Create books.

We also offer training courses where we guide your school through how to use iPad and creative resources like the Everyone Can Create guides to embed iPad into lessons across the curriculum. These courses can be tailored to groups and individuals, and we can provide ongoing mentorship programmes, too. Visit our training page to find out more.


No IT headache

Manage multiple devices with ease. Mobile device management (MDM) deals with deploying, securing, monitoring, integrating and managing mobile devices in your school. Managed by your IT administrators, this software helps you get the right functionality and security settings on mobile devices so students and teachers can get on with classroom work.

It lets you enrol and configure devices, set the correct permissions for staff and students, easily push out updates, apps and content, and much more – all remotely. Our team are experts in MDM software and can help you in two ways: Our team can train up your internal IT staff to use the MDM software and get you started. However, some schools don’t have the IT capabilities to manage the software, so we will often provide MDM as a service, monitoring and managing devices ourselves and providing IT support. Get in touch with the team to discuss your needs.


Want to manage classroom resources across all your school’s devices? 

You need Apple School Manager. Apple School Manager is a simple, web-based portal that allows your IT admins to manage both iPad and Mac, enrol school devices and purchase and distribute apps and resources from an easy to use web portal. Apple School Manager integrates directly with your SIS to automatically pull student data and create accounts for them.


Want to talk about rolling out iPad? Speak to our Apple Education experts to discuss your options and get your students kitted out with iPad. Call the team on 03332 409 290 or email For the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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