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Why there's never been a better time to upgrade your business's iPads

With remote and mobile working now the new norm, most businesses have had to look to mobile technology to ensure their workforce can stay as collaborative and productive as possible. iPad has long been the go-to when it comes to powerful mobile devices for business, but if you're using outdated models, you may not be getting the most out of them... 

Shariff Ibrahim
Why iPad for business?

There are myriad reasons why iPad is a viable business tool. Apple devices are compatible and work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure as well as your key business apps and systems, from Microsoft 365 to Slack to SAP, so employees can be as productive as possible. 

They're also now incredibly easy to manage, integrating into your mobile device management (MDM) system to allow simple, zero-touch deployment to employees. And on top of that, they're also more affordable than you might think – low support costs, high residual value and flexible financing programmes add up to a lower total cost of ownership, especially if you upgrade to the latest models. 

Why upgrade to the latest iPad?

The latest iPad models are even more powerful and feature packed than ever, meaning your remote employees can actually now use it as a secondary computer, retaining all the features they'd expect from Mac, but in a more mobile form factor. They also bring with them some features you won't find in either earlier iPads or Macs, which make working between the two even more seamless than ever. 

So if your business's iPad deployment is starting to show its age, you may have missed new features being developed which can really boost your employees' productivity and workflow. Here, we have picked out just a few of the latest features for iPad that can make a really big difference to mobile and remote working, and how we can help you upgrade to the latest models to take advantage of them.

The latest iPad features for business

Sidecar. While remote or mobile working, one thing employees may be missing is a second screen. That extra screen real estate can really make a difference when working in multiple apps simultaneously (during lockdown, I certainly missed working on my large 27" screen, with my MacBook Air acting as a second screen for smaller tasks like social media). 

Using the Sidecar feature, employees can use their iPad as a second screen for Mac, letting you drag documents between the screens or mirror the two – a real boon for productivity. This feature is only available on the latest iPads running iPadOS 13 or later, and Mac running macOS Catalina.

Multitasking. The latest iPad models (especially the 11" and 12.9" iPad Pro) boast large displays for working in productivity apps with ease, and new multitasking features mean you can use iPad even more like you would with a regular notebook or desktop. 

The Dock, introduced in newer iPad models, makes it easy to work with multiple apps at the same time and jump between open apps. You can drag an app out of the Dock to make a Slide Over or drag it to the right or left edge of the screen to make a Split View for working in two apps on one screen. Especially useful if users need to copy between a web browser and a CRM at the same time to build quotes, compose emails, take notes from virtual meetings, and more.

My Home screen, showing the Dock, with my favourite apps on the left and currently running apps on the right, and Widgets including the Weather and Calendar

Widgets. Widgets make it much easier to access information from your most used key tools right on your Today screen, so you can quickly see updates from Calendar, News, Weather and more at a glance – just swipe right on the Home screen or Lock screen. The upcoming iPadOS 14 brings a Smart Stack of widgets, which uses on-device intelligence to show the right widget based on factors such as time, location, and activity. 

Pencil support. Apple Pencil came out in 2015, and has been a big hit with both business and creatives. You can take notes during meetings in a more natural way in the Notes app, or sign important documents to send clients. And coming up in iPadOS 14, Scribble lets users write in any text field – where it will automatically be converted to typed text – making actions like replying to an iMessage or searching in Safari fast and easy.

Getting those important meeting notes down with Apple Pencil and the Notes app

Files. The Files app, available on later models of iPad, lets you organise documents in a folder structure and add metadata, making it much more like a notebook experience rather than PDFs and such being stored in the Camera Roll. From Files, you can find any document saved to iCloud Drive – even on a Mac – organise them however you need them, and easily share files and folders with colleagues. 

A few of the different files you can save and share in the Files app

Trackpad. When using iPad while sat at a desk, some users may find themselves more comfortable and more productive using the mouse and trackpad gestures that they're used to. The latest iPads using iPadOS 13.4 or later have support for Bluetooth trackpads and mice, so you can navigate complex spreadsheets or documents with more precision than your finger. 

Top tip: Copy and paste between any Apple devices

When employees are using multiple devices, it's important that they get a seamless experience and workflow between them. With Apple's Handoff and Continuity features, you can start working on a document on one device, then switch to another to carry on working where you left off.

Say you're creating a spreadsheet in Numbers or document in Pages on iPad while on the go – when you then go to your Mac and open those apps, the updated document will have been transferred across. This gives a real boost to productivity, as users can seamlessly switch between devices without having to transfer data or email themselves their document. 

First, you just need to make sure both the iPad and Mac are signed in to the same Apple ID, and each device has Handoff turned on in Settings > General on iPad or System Preferences > General on Mac, as well as having both WiFi and Bluetooth turned on. 

Then, open an app that works with Handoff (including Mail, Maps, Safari, Reminders, Calendar, Contacts, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and many third-party apps). Start writing your email or document. When you then switch to your other device, the app will display an icon in Mac's Dock or iPad's App Switcher which you can click to carry on working seamlessly. 

How to upgrade to the latest iPad and save

If you would like to make the most of the features mentioned, we can help you upgrade to the latest iPad models and save money at the same time. With our trade-in scheme, you can use the residual value of your old devices to offset the cost of the new models. 

For example, a 2018 iPad Pro model in excellent condition could net you £250 in cash to help towards the purchase of new models. With these savings, there's never been a better time to upgrade your old iPad deployment. Here's how our trade-in scheme works:

  1. You give our experienced sales team a call with a list of all your devices, their serial numbers and an idea of condition.
  2. We’ll speedily send you a quote for your old devices.
  3. We'll then collect your old devices and assess them.
  4. Next, we’ll confirm the trade-in value with you.
  5. You can then order your shiny new iPad models from us! We’ll send you a quote for new devices, and credit you for your old devices (all device data will be securely wiped).

Remember, as Apple experts we can even provide services such as staging and deployment, so you can roll out iPad to employees' hands ready to go, without having to lift a finger.

Interested in trading in iPad for the latest models? Get in touch with the team by calling 03332 409 214 or emailing For the latest news, follow us on LinkedInFacebook andTwitter.

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