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Remote working: Does mobility have to mean vulnerability?

Mobile working is the new normal in businesses – and it’s here to stay. So how do you ensure all your devices connect to your systems securely, while protecting productivity and your users’ experience? Integrating Okta with Jamf is a great way to do it…

Mike Laskey

Cybersecurity credentials

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, more and more companies were embracing remote working and adopting bring your own device policies. Mobility is crucial in the modern business world – but it presents unique security challenges for employers and their IT departments.

In fact, almost 40% of the organisations surveyed in the Verizon Mobile Security Index 2020 said they had experienced a mobile-related compromise, while 45% of respondents claimed their cybersecurity defences were falling behind attackers’ capabilities.

And according to Zimperium’s 2019 State of Enterprise Mobile Security Report, as many as 60% of a typical organisation’s endpoints containing or accessing data are mobile – and over half of them encountered risky networks.

Tightening things up to protect your data can therefore be tempting. But go too far by introducing excessive sign-in requirements into day-to-day work and you risk inconveniencing your employees with tedious logins or adding to your IT team’s workload through extra support tickets for forgotten passwords.

A recent survey by Vanson Bourne found that 31% of Mac users cited login and credential issues as the top problem they experience at work, highlighting the potential disruption this can cause.

You therefore need to strike a balance between secure access and practical, unobtrusive workflows – and one convenient option is to combine the strengths of two of the top solutions on the market.


The best of both worlds with Okta and Jamf

Okta and Jamf are the leaders in their respective fields, used by businesses around the world and popular with many of our customers.

Okta’s best-in-class identity management helps employees access the tools they need easily and securely from any location via the cloud, while Jamf’s device management solutions allow for straightforward, zero-touch deployment and control over every Apple device in an organisation.

They’re incredibly useful and beneficial on their own, providing peace of mind and hassle-free IT administration to the companies that use them.

But combined, they’re truly powerful.

Okta Single Sign-On and multi-factor authentication integrates with Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect to provide a seamless, secure authentication to managed Apple devices and corporate resources.

It means organisations can enjoy smooth device enrolment and configuration paired with enhanced endpoint security – the perfect combination in the world of mobile working.

Employees can enjoy a simple onboarding experience with a single set of credentials to log in to their device and the Okta dashboard, where IT can then secure the process by enforcing multi-factor authentication immediately.

And by configuring Okta Single Sign-On with Jamf Connect, organisations can enable passwordless access to business-critical apps so users only need to input one set of login details when they boot up their device.

Users are also able to keep their corporate identity from Okta in sync with their local Mac account password at all times, empowering them to sign into their Okta account and manage their shared cloud and Mac credentials without having to create IT support tickets.

Jamf Pro can even access users and groups stored in Okta through Okta’s LDAP interface, which means there’s no need to connect Jamf Pro to Active Directory and also allows for customised content and policies to be assigned to specific LDAP group members.

Access to enterprise services is especially secure, too, as Jamf can deliver a payload down to Mac devices that Okta then inspects to ensure only those that are Jamf-managed gain entry.

The resulting effect of integrating Okta with Jamf is a seamless experience for your employees and a secure environment for your company’s data.

It’s the best of both worlds, all in one combo.


Interested in harnessing the combined power of Okta and Jamf? We can help you develop an effortless sign-on process. Get in touch with the team by calling 03332 409 214 or emailing For the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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