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IT leasing in focus: When’s the best time to lease?

So you’ve decided to lease your IT equipment. But when should you pull the trigger? Is it smart to act straight away or wise to wait until new releases are announced? Let’s explore the pros and cons of each approach… 


Mike Laskey
Timing is everything

“Should I get my holiday currency now or wait till the day before I fly?”

If you’ve ever read a newspaper travel section, then chances are you’ve seen this question before. It’s only human to want to know the future and get a bargain at the right moment. No one likes to see their new trainers on sale the day after they bought them.

But there’s no crystal ball to tell you exactly when you should lease your new devices. Factors like your budget, your priorities and your cashflow can all come into play before you even think about market conditions.

That said, here are a couple of golden guidelines to help you decide when to take the plunge…

The early bird catches the worm

Many businesses choose to lease new devices as soon as possible after the latest model is introduced. Often, a new feature or functionality is simply too attractive to wait for, and it just makes sense to move quickly.

But there’s also sound financial logic to this approach; because the machine won’t have time to depreciate significantly before you get your hands on it, you can enjoy the highest possible residual value at the end of your contract.

As a result, it may be more costly upfront – but the long-term benefit of being able to trade in your devices at a higher value could be too good to miss, especially if you expect you’ll need different equipment when that time comes.


Patience can pay off

If having the very latest tech isn’t vitally important for you, your business should be able to save a pretty penny by choosing last year’s model, or one that’s only just been superseded.

You might have less choice than if leasing a brand-new device, so expect to be more limited when it comes to specific colours or optional extras. Of course, you’re also at the mercy of stock levels – something to bear in mind if “when it’s gone, it’s gone” could mean you miss out on your dream equipment, or if new users would end up using different models to their colleagues that might make device management or support more complicated.

But if you think a recent model would still be just the ticket for your business, being a bit slower off the mark could be a great way to grab a bargain.


Quick off the draw

Every now and then, a special deal or last-minute sale can come up at short notice – and they can be all too easy to miss.

It’s always a good idea to regularly check the websites of key leasing providers and keep your finger on the pulse, as you never know when they’ll suddenly launch an unbeatable contract offer.

We always recommend bookmarking our leasing page and subscribing to our Twitter and LinkedIn pages to ensure you never miss a great price on Apple products.


Leasing with Jigsaw24

As IT experts and Apple specialists, we’re able to help you see if leasing will work for your business. No matter your size or IT requirements, we can develop a solution that’s cost-effective thanks to our great relationship with our leasing partners.

You can find out more about the benefits of leasing your IT equipment in our previous article, or feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss the devices and contract terms you need.


Want to discuss device leasing? We can give you the information and advice your business needs. Get in touch with the team by calling 03332 409 214 or emailing For the latest news, follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

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