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How digital transformation with iPad can drive performance management

No employee or manager is ever going to confess to being a fan of annual performance reviews. They take up time, they require lots of paperwork, and goals and objectives are often forgotten the moment the employee walks out of the meeting.


Shariff Ibrahim

But by digitally transforming the process using performance management apps on iPad, you can better engage employees with their development through realtime performance tracking, personalised goal setting and instant feedback.

Adjustable goals and efficient monitoring. Managers can continually adjust individual employee goals and expectations based on any new developments that might arise. They can efficiently monitor performance while giving employees instant feedback and support.

Improve employee engagement. By being able to see personal goals and how they’re progressing, employees are more engaged, as they know where they stand so can stay motivated between feedback.

Keep track of teams. You can also use performance management software to track individual contributions to a team and see how the team is meeting business objectives overall.

360-degree feedback. Collect key performance data points from an employee’s teammates, reporting managers, coworkers and customers for larger scope of personal development.

A more productive, paperless process. The bigger the company, the more unwieldy the paperwork. App-based performance management reduces the number of forms to save time as well as a huge paper trail.


Why iPad for digital transformation?

By providing staff undergoing performance reviews with iPad, you can ensure a higher response from a multi-generational workforce who have now come to expect to be able to use familiar, intuitive mobile tools in the workplace.

Apple’s App Store includes thousands of business-specific apps, including many designed for performance management. As well as being incredibly powerful, iPad is also the most secure and reliable device around, making it perfect for use in enterprise organisations.

Find out more about Apple for enterprise here.


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