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Focusing on iPadOS apps in healthcare: Introducing Beagleboxx

Let’s be honest. A stay in hospital is nobody’s idea of fun. But thankfully, technology is playing a key role in improving patient experiences to make things as comfortable as possible – and one such solution is BeagleBoxx…

Liz Sunter

iPad is an increasingly common sight on hospital wards, and for good reason. Portable, cost-effective and easy to use, the devices are a wise choice for healthcare providers keen to give patients something to pass the time with. Of course, iPads are sometimes also used by staff as a modern alternative to paper notes, too.

But the folk at Amsterdam-based BeagleBoxx have taken things a step further. Their platform – designed and built for iPad – offers an all-in-one solution to the challenge of improving the patient experience. It’s already proved a hit, with more than 45 European institutions now using the system.

So what’s BeagleBoxx all about?



For starters, BeagleBoxx keeps patients feeling involved in their treatment by making sure they’re always informed.

Users can see an overview of their day ahead at a glance, or access a timeline of their care plan, so they know what to expect during their stay. That can deliver some reassurance and peace of mind at times when it may be only natural for the mind to wander and worry.

Similarly, BeagleBoxx also gives personal educational information to patients, as well as notifications linked to their treatment path. The iPadOS app can be used to collect patient-reported outcome or experience measures surveys, making it easier for hospitals to assess the quality of their care.

Ensuring this level of connectivity can solve key challenges for providers; BeagleBoxx helps ensure patients feel engaged, even if they won’t see a healthcare professional for a while.



Keeping people in the loop is one thing, but giving them a degree of control is another.

With BeagleBoxx, patients enjoy a greater say in their day-to-day hospital experience. Through a few quick taps in the iPad app, they can order a meal of their choice, turn on the lights or even open the curtains in their room.

The difference this makes is two-fold.

For patients, there’s more freedom to change their environment or make their own decisions in an instant. For hospitals and their staff, there’s extra time for care, less chance of miscommunication or delays and a happier patient, too.



Patients want distraction and the chance to relax as much as possible while in hospital. But what that means to one person could be entirely different to someone in the next room.

Variety is where BeagleBoxx really shines.

There’s something for everyone, from live or catchup TV to music, radio, web browsing, books and magazines. Users can access a curated library of games, log onto social media or use a mindfulness app to feel better about their stay, all on their iPad with BeagleBoxx.

It’s nice to know patients have something to do while in hospital – and that it’s something they really enjoy, too.


Getting started with BeagleBoxx

Interested in using BeagleBoxx in your hospital or trust? We can help whether you already have iPads or not.

Talk to our experts about how we can get you up and running with BeagleBoxx so you can engage, empower and entertain your patients and provide an even better experience.


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