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Easy hybrid working: The right Apple device management approach

Welcoming some staff back to the office while others work remotely is a big change for many businesses. But with an effective mobile device management solution, you can stay in control of your IT and make hybrid working not only easier for your employees, but more productive for your company.

Liz Sunter

Introducing hybrid working requires careful consideration and planning. After all, it’s a step into the unknown for many organisations, especially those that only experienced regular remote working for the first time less than two years.

If that sounds like you, then developing a hybrid working strategy will be even more critical to ensuring your experience is a smooth one. And key to that strategy should be mobile device management (MDM), the easiest, most effective and most beneficial way to stay in control of hardware being used by employees in multiple locations.

Apple technology is ideal for hybrid working, and always our top recommendation for it, because it provides a brilliant user experience in any location, comes with industry-leading security features and enables seamless collaboration between colleagues no matter where they’re working.

That’s why – with us as your partner – you can take advantage of a quality MDM solution that provides the very best hybrid working experience designed around your business’s priorities.


User experience first

It’s vital that your MDM platform doesn’t disrupt or annoy your users. You want something that’s smooth and won’t introduce any further challenges to either their day-to-day work or your IT team’s task list.

Our MDM solutions give you the power to roll out software updates and make sure everyone has the right tools and apps available on their devices. You’ll be able to deploy the latest version of macOS to your entire estate, or allow users to install a great new resource in just one click.

Our philosophy is simple: to keep productivity and morale high with hybrid working, end users need to be able to do the best work they can, on the platform they prefer. Our device management solutions are designed to make Apple and PC users the same high quality of service, no matter how experienced your IT team is in managing each platform.


Ready to grow

Our MDM solutions allow for zero touch deployment, meaning IT teams don’t even have to lay a finger on a Mac to set it up for a user. Everything’s done remotely – ideal for hybrid working, of course – and ends with devices that employees can start working on immediately, right out of the box.

This is crucial when it comes to hiring new staff or scaling up your workforce. Onboarding becomes so much easier when there’s no need for physical interaction with a device, saving you stacks of time if you expect your organisation to grow in the future.

Our MDM solutions are designed to integrate with Apple Business Manager, enabling automated enrolment for your devices and allowing you to easily stay on top of your estate.


Safe and secure

Hybrid working means more devices out in the wild, in people’s homes, cars and on public transport. It will also involve employees logging into your network via domestic WiFi connections or from potentially insecure access points.

Naturally, all of this increases your cybersecurity risks significantly. But thankfully, MDM can play a big role in risk mitigation. In fact, a good platform can help you achieve the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials certification.

Our solutions offer the ability to remotely secure devices (so you can lock or wipe them to prevent unauthorised access), device hardening (essentially the reduction of security vulnerabilities), and the freedom to push out new tools and patch management to devices in your estate.

In turn, the right MDM platform will also help you comply with standards around security profiles, encryption, integration with endpoint security software and other cloud technologies – giving you confidence and allowing you to promote your compliance, too.


Lightening the IT team’s load

By partnering with us, you’ll cut the amount of admin and basic tasks your internal IT team have to do on a daily basis, saving valuable time.

With self-help and self-service functionality, such as tools that let users add software to their devices or reset their keychain themselves, the number of support cases should drop significantly. That frees up your experts to focus on bigger priorities elsewhere in your organisation.

Similarly, device inventory features will allow your IT team to make informed decisions about your Apple estate. Because they can see everything together at a glance, understanding the age and depreciation level of hardware becomes simpler and quicker.

You can also apply patches en masse, so you can ensure every user has the latest software version in one fell swoop.

We can provide a full device management service to further lighten the load. Take advantage of our expertise and have us administer your MDM environment on your behalf, allowing your team to focus on other projects.


Looking at your hybrid working strategy?

MDM should be at the heart of it, and we’re here to help.

Our specialists have decades of experience with Apple technology and mobile device management solutions that get the most out of it. As well as being an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, we also enjoy a strong relationship with Jamf – the leading Apple MDM solutions provider – as a Jamf Gold Reseller, and we’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, too.

Leave your contact details in the form and we’ll arrange a chat to discuss your hybrid working approach and how MDM can make it stronger.

Interested in MDM?Get in touch with the team by completing the form below, emailing solutions@Jigsaw24.comor calling 03332 400 888. For the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebookand Twitter.


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