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How do I make sure Apple devices are kept secure?

If you’re considering moving to Mac, you may be interested to know about the security measures that are available. In recent years, cyber security has cost businesses more and more, with the average cost of a data breach increasing from £999,000 in 2020 to £3.93M the following year. Mac offers a huge range of built-in security measures along with the great packages of additional measures that Jigsaw24 can provide, either as additional services or within a wrap of other support services.


Built-in security

It may seem a contradiction, but Apple devices are more tightly locked down and yet are easier to access for the registered user than ever before. With Apple products you get a strong secure network built upon a stable foundation. The security is hardwired into the processor, with Apple Secure Enclave ringfencing the brains of the device. The system has its own security processes which prevent access at start up and at software level. macOS sends you reminders when it’s due for an update so you’re always running the newest OS with the most up to date security policies.

Apple devices are designed with encryption features which safeguard user data and activate a remote wipe function in the case of device theft or loss. Even though most apps are third-party operated, Apple provides layers of protection to ensure apps do not contain malware and haven’t been tampered with. Apple services are extremely resilient to outside threat and encrypt confidential data in your wallet and cloud.


Secure but accessible

Adding extra layers of security doesn’t have to be more inconvenient.  We may be tempted to delay adding extra measures because, while extra levels may make your data secure, we perceive this as making it more difficult to access our data. 

The key to creating a secure access environment is in making security strong but functional. Apple devices are designed to be user-friendly. Biometric authentication on iPhone, iPad and Mac makes for a swift, simple unlocking mechanism, whilst ensuring total security for your data.


Robust security options for business

In addition to the inherent security protocols which come as standard with Apple devices and services, Jigsaw24 have partnered with global leaders in endpoint protection to add an extra layer of security for companies handling large amounts of data in the cloud.

We work with CoSoSys and SentinelOne to provide device security. SentinelOne's rich AI models secure every endpoint and cloud workload by autonomously preventing, detecting, and recovering from threats in real time. by partnering with these industry specialists, we help you secure your Mac from data loss from external devices such as flash drives and hard drives and monitor data in transit. Additionally, CoSoSys assigns confidential status and additional encryption to large files and secure data for additional protection. Either of these services can be included as part of your existing support package.


Apple devices are among the most trusted in the world. Secure your data with a robust product that does away with endless passwords. If you want to learn more about Apple devices, our team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Call 03332 400 888, email or fill in the form below.

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