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Are Apple devices easy to integrate into my business?

If you’ve never used a MacBook, you may be forgiven for having misgivings about choosing Apple products. While Windows may be more familiar to you, macOS is easy to pick up and is surprisingly intuitive. In fact, that’s why some people prefer it.

More familiar than you may think

If you were to conduct a poll within your office, you’d be surprised to note how many staff already have iPhone or iPad, this means they are already familiar with the design and layout of Apple’s iOS and iPadOS systems. MacBook, like iPhone and iPad has millions of user-friendly apps which are designed by third parties to meet specific, unique needs. But it’s not an exclusive platform. It integrates easily with Microsoft 365 applications like Office and Excel and works especially well with creative functions such as Adobe Creative Cloud.

It used to be a case of choose one or the other. This is no longer the case. Modern platforms can support mixed estates, so you can have the best of both worlds. Along with easy app access and navigational simplicity, Apple devices can offer a better user experience meaning less support, less downtime and more productivity. Apple devices retain greater sell on value because they are resilient and hard-wearing.


Apple – Reasons you should choose Apple products and services

To help you consider the benefits of Apple products and services, we’ve summarised the main benefits below:

Clean aesthetics – The clutter-free look of wireless white keyboard, mouse and Mac make for a slimline desk layout inspiring a productive, confident work environment.

More efficient processors – the M2 processor in new Mac models boasts greater energy efficiency than ever before with less battery consumption.

Cross-compatibility – Thanks to the unique way in which the Mac estate is designed, work doesn’t have to stop when you leave the office. Handoff calls and emails between iPhone, iPad and Mac without missing a beat.

Custom-designed software – The operating system for each platform is unique. iOS for iPhone, iPadOS for iPad and macOS for MacBook and iMac. This means that each system is tailored for its specific function giving a better user experience.

Microsoft 365 – The world’s most popular office software is compatible with the entire Apple estate and allows you to take spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and detailed manuscripts with you to do your business, wherever you need to.

Millions of applications – The app store is a global marketplace for developers and businesses to sell their wares. If you have a specific need in your business, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that.

Reliable hardware -Low cost in support. Apple devices are built to be resilient to the challenges of day to day business. They rarely break down and therefore require little IT support.


How we can help you embrace Apple

As Apple Authorised Service Providers, we support some 25,000 clients. We know what it takes to transition to macOS and so have created our Apple readiness review. This is designed to help you assess the logistics of converting over to macOS whether you’re a new Apple user or already have a small Apple estate.  

If transitioning feels like a step too far, we offer a try-before-you-buy option to help you to make an informed decision. Our Mac Adoption service allows you to trial the rollout of Apple devices across your business for a limited period. The Mac Adoption service enables you to loan up to 25 devices for 6 months with regular updates and feedback to ensure you’re getting the most out of your trial.


Apple devices can revolutionise your business. Over the years, thousands of companies have chosen to build their businesses around Apple products and services and have reaped the rewards of embracing an alternate approach to business with a reactive, responsive tech partner.

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Are Apple devices easy to integrate into my business?

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