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30 Years of Jigsaw24: Wasim Hussain tells us about his time in the business

Wasim Hussain has been with Jigsaw24 for five years. Starting with the business to provide support in a temporary role, he is now one of our professional services engineers, working to support our business, education and public sector customers. We sat down with him to talk about his time with us.


So to kick us off, how did you feel on your first day and what role did you start in?

“I just remember walking through the doors at HQ and being surprised at it – it was very obscure and really still is a one of a kind place. After meeting the team I was going to be working with, I felt welcomed straightaway. It’s like a family unit and the team that I started  with was very nice, very helpful. From the second day, it felt really easy to be a part of – I knew where I was and that I fit in here. It was surprising how quickly I felt connected to the business. I know people who have started in other businesses who haven’t been welcomed in the same way, so I definitely got lucky.

“Initially I actually started in a temporary role. It was meant to be a job that the business needed support with for three or four months for a project. And then from there, I got a permanent job, and over the years worked my way up to professional services.”

So your role has changed quite dramatically. What did the early days look like?

“Like I say, it was just a temporary role to begin with, and that was to look over iPads that had come back from a customer to grade them and send them for recycling. After that I was on another project for six months where I was supporting another customer handing out iPhones and dealing with any enquiries they had. From there I went into customer service and that really solidified my journey onwards into this role. It also solidified my love of Jigsaw24.”

How have you seen the company develop during your time? What’s changed?

“When I joined I think we had under 200 employees in total and now we have over 300; I walk around our head office and am constantly seeing new faces. We now have multiple offices, and we are getting bigger and bigger with the contracts we’re working on. We’re under NDA but it amazes me the customers we are working with day-to-day. What I have started to understand over the last 3-5 years is that we have solidified ourselves as the go-to for business. For any company looking to set up Macs and to provide their users with a great experience, we’ve made ourselves the gold standard for that. Do we have competition? Of course we do. But nobody does it quite like we do!

“And I think, really importantly, we understand our maturity in that area and play to that strength. We have really good directors in place who know more now about what we are and where we are going. The one I jump to is David Dudman – he very much knows where he wants the services side of the business to go, and is very good at making sure that happens. David, Rob Hicking, Tim Bodill have all joined us since I started and given us a strong direction that's underpinned by Roger and John's fantastic leadership. But importantly, they’re really not like other directors. They come to you, ask how the family is, how your day is going – it’s all very personable! They’re genuinely some of the nicest people, and they make you feel like you belong here.”

What has been your greatest achievement while you have worked here?

“It’s definitely the project we did with NHSX to support care homes. We provided 11,000 iPads and I was leading the team adding screen protectors and prepping devices ready to go out. It was during Covid, and it was very difficult to keep in touch with family. Just knowing that I had a hand in helping people stay in touch with loved ones was really heart-warming. Every iPad was about to have a story behind it – a family missing grandparents and being able to get in touch with them as a result. It really resonated with me because I live away from my family and was very reliant on technology to help me stay in touch with them. Care homes are a really difficult environment to add technology into, and as part of the project we had to make sure they could be easily embedded within the organisations.”

It sounds like it was a really challenging project?

“The difficulty was that there were so many iPads that had to be sorted. Each one needed to have apps downloaded onto them, screen protectors added and a number of other steps. It was the sheer number involved; 11,000 was a lot to get through. You don’t appreciate until you see it, how much packaging, how many palettes there were. Logistically it was difficult to make sure the devices were coming into Jigsaw24 on time, and then pre-flight checks before they left the office and headed to the care homes. It was a really good example of everyone in the business working effectively together to keep the project on track.”

Any other thoughts before we wrap up?

“I think the highlight for me over the past five years is seeing how much we have grown. It’s because we need these people to do what we do well. I can’t speak for the 25 years before, but looking back at the time I have been here, I can say that we are the strongest we have been right now – in terms of numbers, in terms of people, in terms of skills…

“I know that if I go to a department around the business and need help with something, they know exactly what they are talking about, give the best advice and will be so friendly doing it. That’s the one thing that Jigsaw24 has that’s (in my opinion) better than anyone else. This is not like any other work environment. I mentioned it to you before but it’s a one in a million place – you make genuine friends, everyone has a joke around, but everyone is amazing at what they do.

“If you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life, and I genuinely love working here.”


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