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It’s simply not true that Apple is incompatible with certain technologies. Times have changed.​

Addressing holistic Apple integration, Jigsaw24 work with industry leading software to prepare businesses for a swift and disruption free transition to Mac.

Our comprehensive service can cover everything from adoption strategies, security compliance, remote management of devices, not to mention full Endpoint Lifecycle Automation - keeping you in control of everything from the sales floor to the executive suite.

Whether early adopter or undecided we can help you to identify the best solution for your needs to maximise your business potential.

Mac integrates into your existing estate

The days of computer giants sticking to their lane are long gone. Businesses demand flexibility and compatibility, and operating systems have had to rise to the challenge. Apple hardware works in sync with Windows and vice versa already, but our in-house experts are on hand to make it even easier to introduce Apple into your business. Our audits and consultation plans are created bespoke to your business and give you recommendations on how best to streamline rollout without disrupting your core business.

Carry on with business as usual

Mac and iPhone can be the full package for your business, and that carries through to allowing you to use the software packages you know and already use. Apple have designed macOS and iOS to work with almost all major business packages - and not just those designed for creative users. Our estate audit is perfect for understanding which of your existing packages are compatible. So, whether you’re buying a single Mac or overhauling an entire estate with Mac, iPad and iPhone, you can be confident in the knowledge of a joined-up workflow.

Apple offers security for all your devices

Jigsaw24 are uniquely placed in the UK tech world to advise on both Mac and non-Mac security. We work with the leading security providers, such as Jamf, SentinelOne and CoSoSys, to give you the capability to control and manage devices, remotely. Managing a remote network is critical as more businesses embrace hybrid and home working as the norm, and retaining user experience without compromising security is vital. With our security services, you can even give users limited admin access for a fixed timeframe to allow tham to make changes without the opportunity to abuse access rights. Work with us and we'll help you make security better for your business without making it harder for staff.

Maintain full control of downloads, apps and browsing

The workplace has changed beyond recognition with many companies offering hybrid and home working as an alternative to the traditional office-based model for their staff. However, the concern for the IT manager is being able to manage those devices remotely. Being able to control what websites are accessed, what software is downloaded and the data you hold is critical to a secure estate. Jigsaw24 have many packages for managing individual user access, app downloads and website browsing to keep your network secure from external threats.

Our services


Jigsaw24 offer a fully joined-up consultation service which works with you to identify the ways in which Apple can help you do what you do, better. 


Jigsaw24 offer full training, on-site coaching, floor walking and total support for all devices and networks. 

Discover and Design

The Jigsaw24 comprehensive audit helps you see what you have, what you need and what your finance options are.

Device Enrolment

Jigsaw24 can help you to enrol devices, roll out licences and ensure the right level of support is in place for your needs.

Implementation and Integration

Let us assist you in rolling out Apple for your business. Our expertise in this area enables us to make moving to Apple a profitable business opportunity.


Jigsaw24 will work with you throughout the implementation of your new tech to ensure your team are confident before leaving them to it. 


Jigsaw24 network management systems allow you to manage your whole network, Apple, Windows and Azure, prevent security breaches and oversee workflow processes. 


Jigsaw24’s recycle/refresh scheme includes industry standard data erasure, sustainable recycling and a refresh on all tech to give your team the tools they need to perform.

Partner Options

Aligning your business with the latest tech, most versatile software and comprehensive support you can drive forward a leaner business with greater quality service for your end users.


Jigsaw24 can help you drive your business forward. We’ve been working with Apple for 30 years and offer a huge range of specialised support services. Come find out how we can help you.


Jigsaw24 can help you drive your business forward. We’ve been working with Apple for 30 years and offer a huge range of specialised support services. Come find out how we can help you.