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Transitioning from a predominantly PC environment to an Apple estate is daunting. We address your concerns with watertight solutions.

Take a poll of your staff and the vast majority will already use Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad in their daily lives. They are already sold on the technological superiority, capabilities and reliability of their own Apple products. So, why should your business settle for second best?

If you're looking to provide Mac to your users but unsure how to get started we are on-hand. From providing audits of your existing estate to working alongside you at every stage of the process, we can support you and your team on your Apple journey.

Calm in a crisis

What price for peace of mind? Providing support for new and existing users is often a big blocker for businesses looking to change platforms. Our in-house experts are uniquely placed to walk you through the process of introducing Apple, so there's nothing to worry about. We're there to support you, so you can support your business. Services such as the ability to easily set up devices for new users and have them configured by the Jigsaw24 team, outsourced support and help desk all mean you get the benefit of the device without the IT burdens. With features like that, why shouldn't your company reap the rewards of having access to cutting edge tech?

Attract the best talent by giving them choice

Holding onto staff and attracting new talent can seem an impossible task, especially when you’re competing with companies with greater resources at their disposal. But there is something you can do about it. By investing in the best quality tech you can give your staff the option to choose their preferred work tools. This can greatly aid you in ensuring job satisfaction and retention. With employee choice you can give staff the option of Apple or PC as our services support a dual OS network. And don’t worry if Apple is unfamiliar territory to you, it’s what we do every day so we can train your team and get them up to speed in no time!

Lock down sensitive data to external threats

In the digital age data is big business. Securing the data you create and hold is critically important, both to the security of your business and the confidentiality of your customers. Data breaches, whether through a laptop left on the Tube or a malicious cyber attack, can cause lasting damage to the trust which your customers have in you and to your business. We can take that worry away. Our security services protect individual devices, whether attached to your network, or operating remotely. These act as gatekeeper, actively resisting and neutralising external threats.

Our services


We have a fully joined-up consultation service which works to identify the ways in which Apple can help you do what do, better. 

Design and Audit

The Jigsaw24 comprehensive audit helps you see what you have, what you need and what your finance options are.

Device Enrolment

Jigsaw24 can help you to enrol devices, roll out licences and ensure the right level of support is in place for your needs.


Jigsaw24 offer full training, on-site coaching and total support for all devices and networks. 


Jigsaw24 will work with you throughout the implementation of your new tech to ensure your team are confident before leaving them to it. 

Configuration and Warranty

Jigsaw24 can fully test and trial your tech before installing it and configure according to requirements. They will work out of the box and are covered under their warranty.

Mac Optimisation

Mac Optimisation from Jigsaw24 offers a full Apple Readiness Review and Deployment plan for a slick transition to Apple. 

Mac Adoption

Jigsaw24 offers a fully serviced deployment with training and support for end users. Our Mac Adoption plan enables businesses to save £700 over 3 years per device when compared with a PC. 


Partnering with CoSoSys and SentinelOne, Jigsaw24 offers greater endpoint data protection and firewall protection, for a secure network and excellent data compliance.


Jigsaw24 can help you drive your business forward. We’ve been working with Apple for 30 years and offer a huge range of specialised support services. Come find out how we can help you.


Jigsaw24 can help you drive your business forward. We’ve been working with Apple for 30 years and offer a huge range of specialised support services. Come find out how we can help you.