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Social responsibilities

Our passionate cause

Some call it corporate social responsibility (CSR) or environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), others refer to it as social impacts. Either way, these terms all refer to the things a company does to make the world a better place for everyone in it, and this is something we take very seriously at Jigsaw24.

As a leader in the industry, we believe that our impact on the environment and the part we play in bringing greater inclusivity is crucial, and that’s why we try to pour so much into what we do.

From the very beginning, we’ve had a team of people across the business who have been dedicated to helping us progress in making positive change, and we recently decided to take this a step further by appointing our first role solely dedicated to this mission.

Although we know our work is far from done, we’re committed to making lasting change. In our Social and Environmental Impact Report, we share exactly what we’ve been doing as a company to begin to address important social and environmental issues.

Download our Social and Environmental Impact Report

See what we’ve been up to on our journey to making a lasting impact. We cover our four main areas of focus: environment and sustainability, inclusion and diversity, health and wellbeing and charities and community.

“At Jigsaw24, we share a passionate commitment to environmental sustainability, wellbeing, inclusivity, diversity and charitable giving. After all, without these precious values, what else is there?” 

Roger Whittle - Founder and CEO, Jigsaw24


Our areas of focus


Environment and sustainability

We want to help our planet in whatever way we can. That’s why we hold recognised certifications in energy and environmental management and are committed to achieving net zero carbon as soon as possible. From recycling schemes to fundraisers, we’re making our processes, premises and practices cleaner and greener.

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Inclusion and diversity

We believe in embracing differences and promoting equality regardless ofage, gender, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, beliefs or any other characteristic. We’re working to bring about greater inclusion and diversity across our business from recruitment, right through to progression into leadership roles.

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Health and wellbeing

We put the personal happiness and health of our employees high on our agenda and hope to create an open and friendly culture by ensuring that all our employees feel valued and heard. Whether it’s supporting mental health or creating a work environment people actually enjoy being in, we aim to help.

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(More on health and wellbeing coming soon)

Charities and community

Helping others is a core value we hold onto at Jigsaw24. As helpful as one-off giving is, we understand that charities need a reliable income to continue to do what they do. We’re working to provide ongoing, meaningful support to charities as well as supporting our staff’s individual passions.

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(More on charities and community coming soon)

Ethics and governance

We strive to keep ethical values at the heart of our business. We want the work that we do and the way we conduct ourselves to promote good – never harm. That’s why we keep a close eye on our ways of working and processes to ensure that ethical practices are embedded into every stage of our supply chain.

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Making our vision a reality

The UN highlighted 17 Sustainable Development Goals that businesses should be acting on. While we’re steadily working towards all these areas, our main focal points include Goal 13: climate action, Goal 12: responsible consumption and production, Goal 8: decent work and economic growth, Goal 5: quality education and Goal 3: good health and wellbeing.


We support the Sustainable Development Goals


To make sure we’re on track to achieve real impact around these areas, we’ve strategically chosen organisations, educational institutions and frameworks to help us align our unique vision with real-world standards and accreditations. Here are some of our key partnerships and the standards we work by…


Partnerships we’ve formed:

Standards we work by: