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Our team

Three locations. Dozens of departments. Top regional talent. Wherever you met us, here’s where you can put names to faces…

Our team

Three locations. Dozens of departments. Top regional talent. Wherever you met us, here’s where you can put names to faces…

We love to celebrate our differences.

Here at Jigsaw24, we know no two people are the same. Taking a uniform approach to work is never going to get the best out of everyone. That’s why we give everyone the freedom to get creative and think outside the box, following their own ideas and bringing their different professional and personal experiences to the business. The diversity of our people makes us stronger as a company. We have our own passions, from choir singing to heavy metal. Our open culture means we can all be ourselves and feel comfortable at work.

That said, there are a few things all of team Jigsaw24 have in common…

I love working at Jigsaw24. Having worked mainly at large corporates, I really love the empowerment here, and the flexibility I have to do right by my colleagues – which by default makes sure we do the right thing by our customers.”

Ross Buntain, Operations Director

Our team is socially aware

Reluctant as we are to admit it, there’s more to life than IT, and sometimes you need to do more than give each other a pat on the back at the end of a long day. That’s why we’ve added wellbeing experts to our first aid team, have dedicated quiet spaces for staff, and are involved in several initiatives to help improve our industry and community.

We’re helping to open up the IT sector to more diverse talent by funding a Computer Science bursary for female students at Nottingham Trent University. We’re committed to diversifying leadership in every area of our organisation and making sure we provide role models and progression pathways for people across the company.

Wasim stacking iPad boxes

Meet Wasim Hussain, Professional Service Engineer

Time at Jigsaw24: Five years

Favourite thing about the company: Working at Jigsaw24 is not like anything I’ve experienced before. Everyone is so friendly and caring and there’s never a dull day. We take pride in delighting the customer and doing this as efficiently as possible.

Best team to work with: Our warehouse team are a complete machine. They have worked through some of our biggest projects, handling upwards of 16,000 devices at a time, and they have always come through and made sure that everything is always done on time and correctly!

“We work extremely closely with the fantastic Apple Repairs Team. The great working relationship between the two teams means that our customers are always up to speed and receiving the best possible customer service at all times.”

Jacob Staton, Technical Support Manager

Our team is always growing

As a company, we’ve come a long way since getting our start as a reseller in 1992. But it’s not just the business that we’re trying to grow. We want to make sure everyone at the company has the ability to grow and learn new things.

Our tech support staff are constantly given opportunities to take on specialisms and be accredited by key vendors. We’ve invested in sending staff on professional development courses around leadership, marketing and other key skills. Our engineers partner with some of the leading tech companies in the world, and there’s plenty of opportunity for staff to move between departments if they think their skills would be better elsewhere in the company.

Reece making coffee in the Jigsaw24 kitchen

Meet Reece Abbott, Apple Certified Bench Engineer

What do you do? The Apple repairs department basically do what their name implies. We inspect and repair any product in the Apple family right from Mac Pros to Apple Pencils. We are all qualified by Apple to the highest standard.

How long have you been with Jigsaw24? I’ve worked at Jigsaw for five years now. It was my first job – I started as an apprentice and they’ve given me all the training and skills I need to progress in my role.

Favourite thing about the company? It’s a great atmosphere. In our team we’re all friends as well as colleagues, which makes the working day a lot more enjoyable!

“Jigsaw24 is like working with your crazy extended family sometimes, but it’s great! There’s always a drive to want to be the “best in class”, which I find motivating and which makes me feel like I’m part of something important.”

Navjot Sanghera, Procurement Team Lead

Our team is expert at what they do

From finance to engineering, we aim to be the best at what we do, always striving to improve our knowledge, evolve our thinking and streamline our processes. Whether it’s our finance team finding better ways to fend off fraud, our delivery team sharpening their logistical skills, or our marketing team working with the latest media platforms, we’re not interested in being in the middle of the pack. That’s why we’re the only company with Apple’s top three accreditations for business, education and support; why we’re one of Europe’s largest Adobe resellers and why we’re an Avid Elite Partner for all three key business areas.

LJ Turner

Meet LJ Turner, Sales Operations Director

Favourite thing about working at Jigsaw24: I love working at Jigsaw24 – it’s like I have been able to pick all the best people and got them all in one place. The atmosphere feels like anything is possible and we can make magic happen.

What are Sales Operations? Sales Operations covers bids and tenders, governance, frameworks and renewals. We support the sales effort by translating complex requirements into simple solutions and keeping the risks to the business under a watchful eye.

What’s the key to delivering value for framework customers? For our Framework reporting, the finance team – Sally and Fran in particular – are amazing. They keep us on the right path and ensure we are fully compliant with a lovely green rating on our Crown Commercial Service audit. The other stars for us (among many) are marketing – a team who truly are a fundamental building block of our entire sales effort.

“People like dealing with us because they like us as people. We’re an enthusiastic bunch with the expertise to match.”

Julia Tantum, HR Operations Officer

Meet Hannah Hally, Head of Sales Enablement

Time at Jigsaw24: 13 years

Best team to work with: Our accounts department is really an incredible team. They sit at the operational heart of the business and their attention to detail, alongside great communication across departments and with customers, really helps provide a great experience for all.

When I’m not at work I’m… Climbing, diving or doing DIY!

Hannah with a MacBook Pro in a meeting

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