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Improving constantly

Building on 27 years of success in business.

The 2019 financial year was excellent for Jigsaw24, continuing from our strong performance across the previous three years. The business continues to execute against its strategy, with sufficient flexibility to adapt to emerging opportunities.

During the period FY 2016 to FY 2019, core revenue has increased by 24% to £117m. This reflects our increasing success together with Apple, growth in the creative and education markets, and our acquisition of root6 in FY 2017. Recurring revenue has increased to £20m, which now represents 17% of our core revenue as opposed to 6.5% in FY 2016.

FY 2019 highlights

Record EBITDA (everyone’s favourite initialism, right?) – £5.3m, up 12% on FY 2018.

Record services margin – £6.0m, up 16% on FY 2018.

Record core revenue – £117m, up 6% on FY 2018.

Record recurring revenue – £20m, 17% of core revenue.

Investing in the future

We have specifically targeted investment in skills and infrastructure in three key areas: strengthening our creative and M&E teams across the UK, investing in dedicated resources to address the business market, and significantly upgrading the quality and depth of our services team to ensure that our solutions are of the highest standard.

The business ended FY 2019 with a cash balance of £2.3m, giving us the flexibility to take further opportunities to grow and develop the business. We also have exciting plans for the future – download our annual report via the form below to read about our vision for FY 2020!

Download the Jigsaw24 annual report

If you want to know more about our financial performance, you can read about it in our annual report. Fill in the form and we’ll send you a digital copy.

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