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Whether you’re looking to deploy Apple in your business, increase digital collaboration in your workplace or improve your IT infrastructure, our solutions have got you covered. They’re delivered by experts who’ve worked in your field and are passionate about helping your business meet its objectives with technology. Read more


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We’re a bit different from your average IT reseller. Throughout our nearly 30-year history, we’ve developed a proud company culture rooted in delivering great customer service and treating people with the respect they deserve. Find out more about what makes us tick and how you could fit in with the team. Read more

Spaces to create

We want all our employees to achieve at the highest level. It’s why we design all our workplaces with creativity, convenience and communication in mind.

Spaces to create

We want all our employees to achieve at the highest level. It’s why we design all our workplaces with creativity, convenience and communication in mind.

“It’s nice to feel comfortable where you work, but the different spaces here always make me smile. It’s a great conversation starter with visitors!”

Louise Goldsworthy, Head of Social Responsibilities (ESG)

Spaces to collaborate

Our open plan offices are designed to make it easier for multi-team projects to come together. Everyone from purchasing and marketing to project managers and sales specialists can work in close partnership to deliver quality work on time.

And our dedicated engineering spaces safeguard your tech from environmental threats and give our engineers room to collaborate, test and problem solve.

Spaces to inspire

From 70s suburbia to rural Japan and from Robin Hood, our meeting rooms all have their own unique flavour. We want every area of our building to boost our creativity and energy, so you won’t find any grey cubicles at all (unless they’re in our Mac museum).

We also have designated spaces for quietness, reflection and prayer in our two Nottingham offices and our Soho Experience Centre, so staff can take time to themselves when needed. We also provide spaces for quiet, focused work in case anyone needs to escape the open plan office. 

Spaces to socialise

The team that makes tea together, stays together. Sometimes a casual chat can be more useful than a formal meeting. We know that getting away from your desk at lunch helps you stay fresh – and we know how much a freshly ground coffee helps on a Monday morning.

We continually invest in our kitchen and recreational facilities, with space for all our staff, eating areas, showers and outdoor spaces. It all helps promote staff wellbeing and promote our culture of openness and inclusivity.

Spaces to connect

Our meeting rooms in Nottingham and London are equipped with the latest video conferencing solutions, Apple TVs and plenty of in-table power and connectivity, so it’s easy for anyone to present or collaborate.

And you can use them, too! If you’d like to rent our Soho boardroom – or any of our London spaces – get in touch with